Let's design your custom plan for ongoing life balance + self-care for a stronger, happier, more confident you. 

Reset is a 7-month group coaching intensive with the practical tools, accountability and encouragement you need to create daily spiritual, emotional, intellectual + physical self-care rhythms for ongoing clarity, calm and confidence, no matter the life season. 

Enjoy daily soul rest with a simple 3-step strategy for growing closer to God

Manage emotional triggers + use powerful, brain-based strategies to overcome negative thought patterns 

Ditch lies + limiting beliefs that keep you from living in the light of God’s love

Release guilt + shame about finding balance + taking care of yourself

Create new habits for joyful movement and a healthier body for more energy 

Find accountability + encouragement to make self-care a reality in your lifestyle

Reset is closed for enrollment now, but sign up to get on the wait list for our next session in Sept 2020.


Without a doubt getting stuck in my own head is my biggest obstacle. Because of Reset, I now have so many more tools in my toolbox that can help me change the thought patterns, find the calm, get focused, remove the clutter… it’s just been a really beautiful process. And it’s been a gradual change that has only taken a few months to happen.


  • I'm exhausted  + need practical ways to release stress
  • I'm not growing in my faith and I know I need to be
  • I'm tired of being tired + I need to find more soul rest
  • I don't want my emotions to run my life anymore
  • I'm sick of these negative thoughts that hold me back 

Then, girl, you're invited to join a proven group coaching program that will get you FREEDOM + lasting TRANSFORMATION in these areas--specifically around your spiritual growth, your physical body and your emotional health. 

In the Reset Life Balance Group Coaching Intensive, we make incredible change together by using powerful neurocoaching brain tools to rewire our thoughts from the inside out and remove the limiting beliefs and negative self talk that have kept YOU from making lasting change.

Reset is closed for enrollment now, but sign up to get on the wait list for our next session in Sept 2020.


I am so thankful to have had Alicia as a coach. Alicia was super supportive in helping me get through a really stuck point in my life. She helped me reframe my thoughts and because of that I was able to look to the future with a whole new energy and hope



Before group coaching, I'd lost touch with who I was and the direction of my life, and of God’s best for me. Alicia spoke so many truths over my life that helped me to get re-directed and back on track where I need to be.


THIS is the life-changing experience you've been looking for

that will get you the results you want:

  • stronger relationships,
  • real connection with God,
  • healthier body,
  • reduced overwhelm + anxiety,
  • renewed energy + vitality, and
  • unwavering confidence in yourself + the future
Spots are limited, so get on the waiting list today so we can notify you as soon as we open the doors for our next session!