A 7-month group coaching intensive to help you build daily replenishing self-care rhythms for a happier, more confident you.

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Are you exhausted, depleted + have no idea how to find peace?

Tell me if this sounds like you...

  • You're always trying to complete “one more thing” on your to-do list
  • You feel like there’s never enough of you (and you're worn out by all the demands)
  • You know you need more rest, but you have no idea how to find true replenishment
  • You feel guilty about taking time for yourself (like there’s something wrong for you)
  • You are deeply ashamed by your frequent angry outbursts with your family
  • You cope with stress by binge eating or numbing out on social media

Create your plan for a well-rested, nourished you.

How different could your life be... if you established regular rhythms of calm + peace? 

If you could... learn how to protect your capacity + say no so you could say yes to what really matters? 

If you could... identify (and manage in a healthy way) those negative thought patterns that keep you stuck + unable to make lasting change?

If you could... release control + surrender those things in your life that only God can change?
In Reset, we give you the practical tools, accountability + a grace-filled space to create a rested, replenished you that serves from the overflow instead of from the leftovers.

Reset is a 7-month life balance group coaching program to equip Christian women with the practical tools to develop for sustainable self-care rhythms so that they can live the confident, joy-filled life God designed for them.

Using a combination of live teaching, community + powerful coaching techniques, Reset addresses the thought patterns + habits that keep you stuck in overwhelm + helps you build your custom, step-by-step journey to daily joy + calm.


Before Reset, I'd lost touch with who I was and the direction of my life, and of God’s best for me. Alicia spoke so many truths over my life that helped me to get re-directed + back on track where I need to be. I'm so grateful for her and for this program!


We get to the root of the issue.

You don’t need just theory. You need to identify and address the underlying mindset issues that have kept you stuck.

By examining the four parts of self through 4 powerful lenses (which we call the 4Cs), we help you identify exactly where you’re hurting + your next best steps to find ongoing healing.

We guide you to lasting change.

We give you the time and space to experiment with what works for you.

No need to change overnight. No perfectionism here. Instead, we teach you to slowly layer in gradual change so that self care become sustainable and do-able in every season.

We give you accountability + encouragement.

One study showed that the probability of reaching a goal increased by 30% when accountability was included. Add a loving, Christ-centered environment, practical self care tools + a seasoned life coach to the mix + you have a powerful recipe for transformation!

The exercises Alicia gave brought so much insight and really helped me move forward.

One of my biggest wins has been being calmer and learning to be patient with the direction of my life. I’ve also learned how to set parameters around distractions so that I can truly say yes to those things that are important to me.

- Nancy

Alicia is easy to connect with, + I was immediately comfortable with her. Her thought-provoking questions helped me take ownership in important areas of my life so I could renew my energy + stay focused on my dreams.

I’m so grateful for her!

- Jenny

What topics are covered each month?

Month 1:  Protecting Capacity + Identifying Clutter

Month 2: Welcoming Calm + Releasing Control

Month 3:  Managing + Rewiring Negative Thoughts (Emotional/Intellectual Self)

Month 4: Creating Connection with God + Hearing God’s Voice (Spiritual Self)

Month 5: New Habits for Joyful Movement + Healthy Body (Physical Self)

Month 6: Managing Ongoing Emotional Patterns (Emotional/Intellectual Self)

Month 7: Celebrating Victories + Casting Vision

As a speaker and Christian life coach, Alicia Michelle empowers women to cultivate life balance through her signature coaching programs, including Reset. Using science-based mindset tools and her training as a professional life coach, she guides clients with not just her expertise but her authentic, friendly style.

Alicia is especially passionate about helping other women cultivate calm and rest after she experienced a life-threatening health crisis several years ago as a result of her own lack of self care. 

Along with instruction from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, Alicia is a certified NeuroCoach™ with training in eliminating negative thinking, creating positive mindsets + building new habits for maximum success. 

Alicia is a wife of almost 20 years and mom of four (very vibrant) children ages 17 to 8. She and her family live in a rural beach community in California. She loves her two crazy lab puppies, gardening, + sitting outside in the morning air with her journal, her Bible and a cup of chocolate mint tea.
  • Powerful monthly teaching meetings on important self-care topics
  • Twice monthly group coaching sessions to help you apply and implement change in your life
  • Worksheets, Bible study homework, brain priming exercises + other homework each month
  • Ongoing support + accountability in our private Facebook community
  • Nearly $600 in bonuses, including 1:1 sessions with Alicia + "Holidays Without Overwhelm" Masterclass

I definitely feel more efficient and productive because I’m less tied down by these restrictive thoughts. I feel more purposeful. Life is so good and it just doesn’t feel so hard anymore.

I’m more in tune with who I want to be.


Alicia helped me reframe my thoughts and

because of that I was able to look to the future with a whole new energy and hopeThat helped me more than I can express!

- Casie

"Reset has been a wonderful journey. Alicia's proven tools really helped me grow. But most importantly for me, she met me where I was in my life and coached me from there.

 - ReNata

"What will I have at the end of Reset?"

  • A deep understanding of your 4 parts of self and how to create boundaries in each area
  • The ability to recognize your in-the-moment self-care needs + your next best step to health
  • Practical skills to study the Bible, grow closer to God, + to hear God’s voice
  • Practical skills to identify/rewire negative thought patterns based on proven brain science 
  • Practical skills to identify your body’s physical needs + eating/health triggers

Most importantly, you'll have new rhythms for life balance that help you feel more confident, joyful, peaceful and alive.

Listen to these transformation stories from others in Reset:
$279/mo for 8 mos 
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$3800 value–save 34%!

Limited spots available 
Registration closes August 26 at 11:59 pm Pacific

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We offer a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days if you find that the Reset Life Balance Group Coaching Intensive is not a good fit for you. We want you to join us with confidence! 


Being coached in a group setting has been so helpful. I really appreciated hearing other’s situations and was inspired on how they’re handling them. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only way that feels a certain way. So often just hearing these other women’s perspectives allowed me to think, 'That’s right! I feel like that too!' That’s been huge for me, and a very powerful part of this program.


FAQs about the Reset Life Balance Group Coaching Intensive

When will this seven-month session of Reset take place? 

How many women are in a typical group coaching session? How much time will I have with Alicia in each session?

What if I can't make a specific teaching or coaching session?

I need to ask my husband before I join. How can I best explain this program to him so he gets it?

What if I live outside of the US? Are these in-person coaching sessions? 

Is Reset Group Coaching for women only?

Do I have to be a Christian to join Reset?


Alicia shared some great techniques that really helped me to align my thoughts with God’s, allowing me to trust more. I found the accountability of group coaching to be very beneficial for me + loved getting to know the other women!


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Reset works because it utilizes 6 secrets to lasting change.

You need outside perspective.

You need someone who can bring clarity to those "stuck areas." We'll use powerful coaching questions to help you notice deeper issues + make forward movement. Together we'll examine what has hindered your progress in the past, + identify the first steps to change.

You need practical tools.

You know you need to take better care of yourself, but you need tools to understand what needs to change + how make those changes a reality. In Reset, you'll learn four self care tools (we call them the 4 Cs) to keep your 4 parts of self healthy + nourished in every season. 

You need a safe space.

We encourage you to notice (without shame or judgement) where you’re at  + we give you the space to try new ideas. We also give you permission to ditch those habits + mindsets that no longer serve you.

You need to make it fun.

In Reset we continually ask, “How can we make this not only do-able but include ease and joy?” Brain-based research shows that lasting change is much more effective when it is easily repeatable and when we find ways to include pleasure and fun.

You need accountability.

It's essential to have a supportive community that celebrates your progress in order to create the discipline for new habits + lasting change. Along with our regular meetings, we’ll connect in our private Facebook group to discuss issues further + encourage each other.

You need time.

Creating habits for a happier, more calm life doesn’t happen overnight. Lasting change happens one layer at a time. In Reset, we dream big about where you want to go, and then create a reasonable, step-by-step approach to make it possible. 


Without a doubt getting stuck in my own head is my biggest obstacle. I now have so many more tools in my toolbox that can help me change the thought patterns, find the calm, get focused, remove the clutter… it’s just been a really beautiful process. And it’s been a gradual change that has only taken a few months to happen.


Imagine how much better your life could be...

...if you felt rested, replenished and ready to tackle the day’s activities
…if you were freed from fear and self-sabotaging thoughts
…if you were productive and focused on what was important
...if connecting with God was an established rhythm in your day
...if you had ongoing habits to strengthen + nourish your body
…if you woke up each day full of confidence, purpose + inner peace

Yes, this can be your reality 8 months from now if you choose to join us in Reset.

Your life is priceless! And God wants to show you how to live it to the fullest—from a rested, filled up soul that shines His love brightly to the world.

Registration closes Saturday, August 26 at 11:59 p.m. PST so that we can get started right away on our September to April session.

Let’s create your path to a balanced you: where life isn’t perfect but it’s so good because you’ve learned how to cultivate rest, joy + peace in everyday life.

Join us now for our next session of Reset!

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I can’t say enough good things about this program. If you’re on the fence, jump in because I assure you that Alicia’s going to jump right in with you. I’m so appreciative for the transformation she’s allowed me to make in my life.