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Got Mommy Anger Guilt? Powerful Tips for the Hope and Healing You Need

Faced with Mommy Anger Guilt? Start Here

You got angry at your kids. Again. You didn’t mean to speak so harshly, but the words fell out of your mouth in an angry blaze and there seemed to be no stopping them. It’s happened before. Too many times to count. And the longer the cycle continues, the more out of control you feel, right? I can completely relate! Let me show you a beautiful new perspective and plan for dealing with anger’s aftermath. Go here to get started!

First, we need to come to terms with this: Anger isn’t going away. At least not completely.

We can make great progress in limiting anger, but we are imperfect people and anger triggers will still continue to plague us.

Second, I want you to understand and accept that this is a process, and processes take time and patience.

Dealing with anger starts with a decision to make a lifestyle change.

And while, yes, that lifestyle change includes new ways to deal with anger triggers and how we process in-the-moment anger, it also includes re-framing how we deal with the guilt when we still do get angry. 

That’s what the freebie download is about. This is a powerful list of phrases you can tell yourself when you’ve messed up and you find yourself in that dark, downward spiral of emotions.



Conviction Versus Condemnation: The Critical Difference

When faced with mommy anger, it’s vital that we learn to accurately assess the type of emotional response we’re encountering.

We need to determine if we’re feeling God’s conviction or our own condemnation.

There’s a huge difference between the two. Conviction is a helpful step on the road to emotional/spiritual health; and condemnation is a destructive wildfire that leads us down a dark, hopeless path toward despair.

Conviction is God’s healthy way to encourage us toward change; while condemnation is a negative, destructive thought pattern that seeks to destroy and undermine our self-confidence.

Conviction is God’s way of directing His children back onto the right path. It’s that gentle discipline that we give our kids when we see them doing the wrong thing. Just like a parent guiding a wayward child, the conviction of God reminds us of what’s true, and guides us toward a new way of thinking.

Think of conviction as correction with hope.

Condemnation, however, is a chastising that leads to shame and hopelessness. It’s not grace-filled and without positive solutions for change. Condemnation seeks to kill and destroy and not to offer a new opportunity to live differently.

Condemnation is harsh discipline without the power of hope.

The 6 powerful truths in this download will help you understand if you’re dealing with conviction or condemnation, and then remind you of grace-filled truths to fill your heart with hope.

Last, I want to ask you a important question (Don’t miss this)…


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