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my-photo-laughing--300Hi there! I'm Alicia Michelle, and I'm thrilled that you are interested in hiring me to represent your brand!

I truly enjoy introducing my readers to quality brands that match their interests, and I enjoy writing quality posts that showcase the unique benefits of each awesome brand that I represent.

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About Our Readers

The Your Vibrant Family readers are 96 percent female, and 80 percent are between 25-44. These are moms, many of them stay-at-home moms, who are interested in learning about parenting, marriage, homeschoolinghealthy living, healthy cookinghomemaking and growing in the Christian faith.

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Sponsored Posts

These are not typical review posts! My background is in advertising and journalism, and I bring that benefit-driven style to all sponsored posts I write.

I've also been trained in powerful marketing techniques designed to help brands like you get great exposure and conversions!

Here are some recent sponsored posts:

FEAR. ANXIETY. WORRY. How can we help our kids through these BIG emotions? Try this… it’s been working SO well with my daughter!
FAST & EASY CHRISTMAS CARDS! These 5 tips will streamline your Christmas card sending! If you're a busy mom, you've got to read these time-saving tips to make sending Christmas cards simpler! Looking for a different (and delicious) way to eat pizza? I can’t wait to share this Pear and Gorgonzola Salad Pizza recipe with you! Yes, I said pizza and salad together! And I want to show you my trick to making it faster (and gluten free)! You’ll love this easy weeknight dinner recipe!

I develop unique, strategic campaigns for each client that include not only relevant, benefit-driven topics, but also targeted SEO keywords.

Because my readers gain valuable information in context to your brand, this makes your brand that much more relevant! It's also important to me that post topics are evergreen (not tied to a specific date or event) so that they can be shared over and over by our readers. Many are also part of a special series.

Brand-Related Content Upgrades

Everyone loves a freebie. How about a branded printable or other helpful free download that gives readers additional ways to connect with your brand outside of the post? Here are two example posts.

Round-Up Posts

Readers also love round-ups! This is a great way to include your product with other related items on a valuable topic.  Here are some examples:

CHRISTMAS GIFTS THAT TEACH KIDS: You’ll love these awesome Christmas gift ideas for your kids that teach them skills, practice arts and crafts or let them explore in new ways! You’ll love these innovative, fresh (and dare I say, cool?) back to school items that will give your kids the right tools and much needed confidence to start this school year off on the right foot! There's everything from helpful electronic gadgets to fast healthy snacks to awesome ways to showcase your child's individual style here! Which one would best encourage your child this school year?


Whether it's offering a special coupon code or raffling off a product, giveaways are also an option with sponsored posts.

Targeted Emails

Your Vibrant Family sends emails several times a week to our list of 6,000+ subscribers. I'd love to share a personal experience with your brand as part of a sponsored e-mail!

Targeted Sidebar Ads

300 x 150 or 150 x 150 ads are available on the homepage or in each section (sold in 3, 6 or 12-month blocks).

“Forever” Ads

These 150 x 150 ads will show up on every page in your sponsored post's series or section, and they will never be taken down! That means that not only will they show up in your post's sidebar, but also in the sidebar of every post's in that section or series.

Social Media

Every sponsored post package includes Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I would be happy to share on your behalf on Your Vibrant Family's various social media outlets: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Custom Packages and Discounts

Because each of these elements are most effective when working together, I develop a unique marketing packages for each brand I represent. In many cases, I'm able to offer package discounts and/or throw in extra freebies for my clients when these items are purchased in bulk.

Let's Create Something Great for Your Brand!

Your Vibrant Family is growing fast and gaining followers daily!

I would love to chat with you further about the current opportunities available, or we can brainstorm ideas together.

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