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I’ve learned that when I’m on top of my homemaking game, life is better for everyone in my home (especially me). There’s a certain flow that just happens. And boy, is it a beautiful thing.

Do you appreciate order, routine and schedules too? I don’t believe that we need to have perfectly organized homes in order to call ourselves as good homemakers. I’m the first to admit that my home isn’t perfectly cleaned (without any piles). 

Because family life is always on the go with constantly changing routines, I try to not beat myself up when our family home or schedule feels unorganized or chaotic.

Instead, I think of my role as a homemaker as a conductor directing an ever-changing orchestra. I go back to the core homemaking tools that I find helpful—meal planning and simple organizing systems—to re-discover a new, efficient homemaking rhythm for each season. This helps me to have a grace-based mindset, and encourages me to always remember that life is about moving with the flow (instead of being run over by it). 

My hope is that the practical tips shared here encourage you as you adjust to your family’s ongoing homemaking rhythm as well. 

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If you have kids, then you have school papers and memorabilia everywhere in your home. You know--those adorable coloring pages and other school projects that you want to keep for the future (but have no idea what to do with now)? 

Enter the My Memory Box™ solution. Seriously this easy way to organize kids' school papers saves me so much time (and eliminates the piles)!

The My Memory Box™ System not only organizes my kids school papers on an ongoing basis, but it naturally creates a beautiful school memory box for each child for the future. It's a win-win for any busy mom.

For a good 10 years now, this online menu planner and grocery list organizer has saved my hide week after week. Plan to Eat allows you to plan out your meals and create grocery lists in a flash. Whether you import a recipe from the internet or type in one of your family's favorite recipes, simply drag that recipe to a calendar date and Plan to Eat automatically populates a grocery list for you. Then when it's time to shop, your meal ingredients are automatically formatted into a checkable grocery list sorted by store (and of course you can add in those extras that aren't on your menu plan, such as cereal).

I can't say enough good things about Plan to Eat (although I did write about it here). I highly recommend Plan to Eat. Try it for 30 days for free here.

P.S. If you ever need prayer (we all have those hard days!) I'm only an email away: alicia@vibrantchristianliving.com

I'm excited to get to know you and to share this homemaking journey together!