Homeschool Not Working? Answers to Your Biggest Homeschool Issues

We're about half-way through the homeschool year. How's it going in your home?

Let's face it–sometimes our homeschool is not working. At least not working as well as we'd hoped it would. We run into big homeschool issues (things we never thought we'd deal with!) and we need to make changes in our homeschool. Like now.

Here are 35 areas where you made need help with your homeschool, along with links to Your Vibrant Family posts that give encouragement, tips and ideas on these topics. I pray they encourage you!

We're about halfway through the homeschool year, and WOW, was it good to look through this homeschool assessment and get answers to some of those things that are not working in our homeschool. Love how real these answers are!

Homeschool Mom Issues

When you're feeling burnout

When you're stressed

When you need peace in your homeschool (also here)

When you need homeschool joy (also here and an online course here)

When you need regular rest in your day

When you have a hard homeschool day

When others are criticizing your homeschool

When you needs your husband's help in your homeschool

When you feel misunderstood or forgotten

When you need to know that you're loved (also here)

When you're not sure if homeschooling is still a good choice (also here)

When you need encouragement that homeschooling works

When you need encouragement that you can teach your child

When you need to see what another “real” homeschool looks like (also here and here)

When you need to be encouraged by another mom's story (and also here in this other book)


Homeschool Organization

When you need a good rhythm for your homeschool day (also here and here, and an online course here)

When you need ideas on how to set up your homeschool for success

When your kids school papers are a mess

When you need help with scheduling


Plan to Be Flexible: Designing a Homeschool Rhythm and Curriculum Plan That Works for Your Family




Back to School Survival Manual: A Girlfriend's Guide to an Organized and Successful Homeschool Year

Homeschool Teaching Styles

How to develop a good learning flow

How to teach preschool–simply

How to teach during “non teaching times”

How to teach using audio books or audio dramas



Homeschool Resources (by Subject)

40 Top Tools for Homeschool Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum (plus here)


30 Genius Ways to Make Math Fun


Fabulously Fun Science Curriculum Ideas


Best Homeschool History Curriculum and Books


Common Issues for Homeschool Children

When your child hates school

When your child needs math help

When you know your child's work is not enough

When your child has to learn a difficult subject

When you're homeschooling a child with special needs

When you need to let your child lead the learning (and here)


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