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how to build (and be transformed by) a godly marriage.

here's what I know:

Marriage is God’s idea, and that’s why I’m so glad that we can have God’s help to keep our marriage strong.

There are times when there’s stress in my marriage and I want to respond to my husband in pain and anger. I think, “God, how am I supposed to respond to this in a loving way like you’d want me to?!”

And yet, when I can step away from the emotion of the situation enough to listen to His voice, He gives me just what I need in that moment to either hold my tongue, to share my emotions with my husband with grace, or to simply let it go.

I’m learning that when I grow closer to God it becomes so much easier to love my husband—freely and without conditions.

As I fall deeper in love with God, He transforms my selfish, me-first heart into one that longs to serve rather than to be served in my marriage.

About marriage:

Yes, you can have a thriving marriage in every season! Even if your relationship isn't perfect (mine's not). Let's talk about how to make it happen.

About spiritual growth:

What does it means to be a strong woman in Christ--a daughter of God full of grace, bravery and strength? Let's find out.

What's your biggest obstacle in your marriage or in your spiritual/emotional growth? Share it in the comments below. 

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I'm excited to get to know you too and to share this journey together!