Masterclass: Secrets to Becoming Your Best Self + Staying Motivated for Spiritual Growth - Vibrant Christian Living

Hi there! Here's a link to the replay for the free Masterclass: "Secrets to Becoming Your Best Self + Staying Motivated for Spiritual Growth".

This Masterclass is full of next step tips after the Challenge, and one of those tips is to make the decision to commit to make daily connection with God a priority in your life. As we talk about in the Masterclass, maintaining your spiritual growth momentum requires not only a decision to commit to time with God, but a framework for what that connection can look like, and a community around you to encourage you, pray for you and hold you accountable.

That's why I am thrilled to introduce the brand new Connected Bible Community: a unique hybrid of a daily Bible study framework, accountability with other Christian women who are committed to spiritual growth, and optional group coaching.

I share more about the Connected Bible Community in today's masterclass, but to learn more about this amazing online community of women and become a "Connector," go to