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Back to School Overwhelm? You Need These 5 Important Truths

Are you in full back to school preparations? Or maybe you’ve started school already (gasp!)?

Or perhaps you’re like me and still (quite happily) living with your head in the summer sand, ignoring the inevitable back to school madness for as long as you can?

No matter where you’re at, there seems to be a universal sentiment all moms share this time of year:

“I’m not at all ready for the school year to start.”  

Back to school brings change. More structure. A return to hard challenges that maybe we’ve been able to partially escape during these long summer days.

And even in the best situations, all that change means a heck of a lot of stress for mama.

Stress that makes us want to go back to enjoying our pool and popsicle days, thank you.

Yes, there’s stress from all the planning and organizing. But I believe that (if we are totally honest with ourselves) the real reason that this time of year is so stressful is because we’re all wondering:

How in the world am I going to do this again?

Are you stressed and frustrated about all the back to school chaos? All the pressure to have a perfect year with your kids? If so, you've got to read these truths! You DON'T have to be overwhelmed by back to school!


You know what I mean: The planning. The schedule organizing. All that driving. The hours spent explaining a concept (sometimes over and over) to a child.

Yes, that.

We want to believe the lie that “this year will be different,” and that “if I only did XYZ then life would be perfect.”

Even if we try our best to prepare for the back to school onslaught, the reality is that life never ever ends up as we exactly how we thought it would. We wake up mid-October realizing that, despite our best efforts, someone gave us the same kids to parent and many of last year’s issues have come back in full force.

And that’s enough to drive a Type-A mom like me pretty darn crazy (can you relate?!).

How can we face the new school year triumphantly as moms who are:

…excited and enthusiastic about another year’s worth of learning?


…ready to make the changes we need to, but also open enough to accept what may not change?

I want to share with you 5 truths that I tell myself this time of year. 

Friend, I’m a regular mom just like you and I know these truths will help you find the peace and clarity you need right now (because they help me with that too)!

Yes, you can let go of the angst and apprehension of back to school!

You can courageously face another school year with confidence, ready for anything that comes your way.

This back to school (and all year long) you can have the peace we’re all so desperate for.

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