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Natural. Healthy. These seem to be the buzz-words of our day. But there’s lots of pressure that comes with these words. As moms, we want healthy homes (with easy home health remedies and natural cleaning techniques), but we often drive ourselves crazy with a mile-long list of “dos” and “don’ts,” isn’t it?

However, I’ve found that natural homemaking can be fairly simple. I try to avoid the fads and stick to simple, homemade health remedies and DIY cleaning products using essential oils. I’ve found that essential oils are an easy way to help my family with everyday first aid (such as with cuts/scrapes) or when someone has a cold

I want to share with you my favorite home health remedies and natural cleaning recipes so that you too can enjoy a healthier, happier home. I’m no essential oils expert, but I’ve used them for over 10 years now and happily write about what I discover as I use these all-natural oils with my own family. 

Let’s find easier, simpler ways to create a naturally healthy home—together!

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