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Real Help for Ongoing Marriage Issues (That Drive You Crazy)

You know “those” marriage conversations, right? The ones you have over and over again about ongoing marriage issues?

Recently, our marriage went through an intense season where there were several of those “big talks.”

I was tired of the long conversations with my husband that seemed to go nowhere. And I’m pretty sure my husband was tired of having them with me.

I would share my thoughts. And, he, being the ultra nice guy that he is, would listen, nod in agreement, and agree to work on being different in this area.

I believe that he was sincere in this. But a few weeks later, it would be evident that, no, things hadn’t changed.

All my emotions would come flooding back. And so, we’d be right back to the same conversation.


How do we deal with those ongoing marriage issues that are so frustrating? You're tired of having the same "talk" over and over with your spouse, and you want change. Here's 5 powerful ways to handle those ongoing marriage issues that seem to never change. Every wife needs to read this!

I’m sure your marriage has its own version of these type of ongoing frustrations.

You are desperate for change, and despite your pleading and your nagging… the issues remain.

How can we handle the incredibly intense feelings of anger, disappointment, and frustration we feel?

And what if things never change? Can we still have a thriving marriage?

Ladies, we’ve GOT to be real with each other about how to deal with this. That’s why I’m sharing my testimony here.

But I want to give you a warning: I hope you’ve got your steel-toed boots on. 

Because what I share may step on your toes a little. You might not like what I have to say.

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