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Join Alicia each week for brain-based mindset tips and biblical truth to renew your mind and cultivate a purpose-filled life that honors God. 

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104: It's Time to Take Action, Own Your Life + Find Spiritual Transformation
Are you ready to find spiritual transformation and to grow closer to God? Today I have some tough love for[...]
103: Listen to a Bible Teaching Inside the Connected Bible Community
What is a weekly Bible teaching like inside our online Bible study for women on identity (Connected Bible Community)? Today[...]
102: The Spiritual Growth Roadmap: 4 Stages for Your Christian Spiritual Journey
Spiritual growth is very important! But knowing how to grow closer to God starts with figuring out where you’re at[...]
101: Transformation Stories: Finding Spiritual Growth, Self Confidence + Healing with Kelly, Lakeisha, Sam and Tirza
Want to grow in your self confidence as a Christian? Or maybe you need spiritual healing with God? I'm thrilled[...]
100: Join the Connected Bible Community: an Online Bible Study for Women About Identity
Looking for an online Bible study for women and to grow closer to God? Want to learn more about the[...]
99: 3 Categories of Spiritual Growth Obstacles: Pt 3: Relationship Issues with God
Ready to grow spiritually and find more peace as you grow closer to God? Today is the final part of[...]
98: How to Have a Weekly Spiritual Check-In
Is there a way to consistently check in on our spiritual growth process and determine if we're growing closer to[...]
97: 3 Categories of Spiritual Growth Obstacles: Pt 2: Life Rhythm Issues
Ever wondered “Why can’t I grow closer to God?” Want to know how to grow spiritually and find more peace[...]
94: Reignite Your Faith with the Reconnect Spiritual Growth Challenge
Ready to reignite your faith and grow closer to God? In today’s podcast episode we’re talking about an awesome 5-day[...]
96: 10 Minutes to Daily Spiritual Connection with God (Spiritual Growth Rhythm™)
If you're looking for a simple way to discover daily spiritual connection with God, I can't wait to introduce you[...]
95: 3 Categories of Spiritual Growth Obstacles: Pt 1: Connection with God Issues
Ever wondered “Why can’t I grow closer to God?” We all have these questions about how to grow spiritually and[...]
93: “How Can I Make Spending Time with God a Priority?”
Ever wondered how to make spending time with God a priority, especially when you're distracted or not motivated?  We want[...]
92: What to Do When You Feel Spiritually Lost
Maybe you’ve been a Christian for a while but lately you wonder, “Why do I feel spiritually lost?” And “how[...]
91: What Does It Mean to Know God?
What does it mean to know God? How can we get to know God better? How can we experience God[...]
90: Finding Joy + Peace When You Feeling Stuck in Life
Are you feeling stuck in life and need to find joy and peace? Are you sick of feeling like life[...]
89a: My Spiritual Breakthrough: In Repentance and Rest Is Your Strength
God says in Isaiah 30 that in repentance and rest is your strength. These powerful Bible verses were part of[...]
89: Permission to Rest, Hibernate + Find Resilience
Finding rest and hibernating can be helpful in building resilience during hard times. We could all use a little space[...]
88: 5 Soul Care Gifts to Give Yourself This Year: Pt 5: Determine Core Life Values
Let’s talk about how to determine your core life values (those life principles that make you unique and make your[...]