Day 1: Self Care Challenge - Vibrant Christian Living

Day 1: Self Care Challenge

Today we kicked off Day 1 of the free 5-day Self Care Challenge with a simple goal: Where are we now, and how might God be calling us into refreshment and balance in new ways? 

We shared several great takeaways along with the action step for today. We also do a powerful visualization exercise designed to help you dream of what could be.


As you did the visualization, what did you discover? What were each of those 3 versions of "you" like: the "you" now, the "you" 8 months from now if nothing changed, and the vision of "you" that you'd like to see (and that God could create)? Let us know!

Remember: those who share their daily action steps (either by emailing me at or sharing in the Facebook group) for at least 4 out of the 5 days will be entered to win one of several prizes we're giving away live on Monday, August 26!

Can't wait to hear what you discover!