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Day 2: Self Care Challenge

It's Day 2 of the 5-day Self Care Challenge... and today's teaching on the Emotional and Intellectual Selves is super important.

Why? These two areas of our 4 parts of self often call the shots (without us even knowing it!) and can hinder or help our progress toward balance, confidence and joy.

So much goodness in today's teaching, including an exercise to notice what's going on in our thoughts, and a powerful next step to take toward shifting toward health in this area.

Plus you'll hear my story about how God finally had to get my attention 3 years ago about the importance of self care (in a not-so-pleasant way).

Today's Action Steps:

Write down these insights after you do the visualization: 
When you think about this future version of yourself (who you COULD be, who God is calling you to be), what does she look like? How does she carry herself? What is her demeanor? What are her relationships like and how are they different from the relationships now?

Then, I want you to write down some of those negative thoughts that came up as you imagined yourself in this state. What were those thoughts? What were the phrases your head? What is the tone of the voice? Does it remind you of a specific person, and if so, who? 

Last, write down what your wise self (the one lead by the Holy Spirit) would say as the truth over this negative voice you heard. What is the truth that God says about you in this area? What does scripture say? If this were your child or your best friend experiencing these negative thoughts in her mind, what would this wise part of you tell her as the truth?

Again, please share your insights via email ( or in the Facebook group here.