Day 3: Self Care Challenge - Vibrant Christian Living

Day 3: Self Care Challenge

The Spiritual Self is our focus today in Day 3 of our Self Care Challenge.

We’re talking about the challenge of surrender and releasing control... and how these principles are key to growing closer to God and finding more peace. 

It’s a juicy topic for sure, but such an important aspect of growing closer to God AND finding more life balance.

Can’t wait to hear your insights (remember—share them with me via email ( or on the Vibrant Christian Living Facebook Page to be entered to win a prize.

Today's Action Step:

I invite you to consider, with gentleness and honesty and compassion, two questions:

First, is my relationship with God at the place where I want it to be—this true dependence and soul connection that we hear about in Psalm 23? 

If not, what is hindering me from going to that level with God? For example: Are there mindset issues/fears I need to address? Are there practical things like I need to learn how to create a rhythm of daily connection; or that I need to learn tools to connect with God like the SGR? Do I need more accountability? Do I need motivation? Do I need structure?

Other links + resources mentioned in today's teaching:

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