Day 4: Self Care Challenge - Vibrant Christian Living

Day 4: Self Care Challenge

We’ve covered some deep, heavy work the past few days as we’ve talked about emotions, the inner critic and releasing to God. 

Today we're going to a bit lighter (but still equally important) topic: the Physical Self. Our physical self definitely can influence our intellectual self, emotional self and spiritual self, so today we're exploring sleep, one aspect of the Physical Self. 

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Today's Action Step:

First, what is your quality of sleep? Are you satisfied with your sleep quality and duration? If not, what would you change about it? What would be your ultimate goal? What’s realistic right now, and where would you like to be eventually?

Next, how may sleep be affecting your spiritual, emotional and intellectual parts of self? This helps us determine why making a shift in this area is important.

Last, complete this statement, “If I get more sleep, my spiritual self will be ____________, my emotional self will be______________, my intellectual self will be___________."


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