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Day 5: Self Care Challenge

Welcome to Day 5! Join me for a recap of what we've learned this week... and for a powerful way to take steps forward (Think it, Ink it, Link it).

REMINDER: I will be back on Monday, August 24 @ 10:00 am on the Facebook page with a BONUS teaching on scientifically proven ways to make lasting change. Strongly encourage you to watch this bonus session so that you can make your self-care changes STICK for the long haul!


THINK IT. Reflect on what you discovered Day 1 (who am I now, what kind of woman do I want to become, and what will my life be like 8 months from now if I do nothing) and what you discovered about your 4 parts of self on Day 2-4 of the challenge.

INK IT: Write it down (preferably pen to paper). Get it out of your head and onto a page. What are your biggest insights, takeaways, discoveries?

LINK IT: Then, ask yourself: Knowing what I know now and what I have learned about myself this week in the challenge, what do I need to do next to get from where I want to go to where I want to be? What supports do I need to make this journey do-able and possible?

Can’t wait to hear your insights (remember—share them with me via email ( or on the Vibrant Christian Living Facebook Page to be entered to win a prize.


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