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Terms + Conditions

Terms + Conditions

Terms + Conditions for Christian Mindset Makeover™ Course

As a participant in the Christian Mindset Makeover™ Course (an offering of Vibrant Christian Living LLC) I agree to the following:

I understand that, if I am working through severe trauma or have unresolved severe trauma in my past, the Christian Mindset Makeover™ is not a counseling program, is not intended to address deep trauma, and is not intended to diagnose any mental disorders or conditions. I understand that the Christian Mindset Makeover™ is not medical advice, and that this program is intended for those who consider themselves emotionally stable and able to work through negative thought patterns and emotions without bringing harm to themselves or others.

I understand that the Christian Mindset Makeover™ is not a coaching program and that I will not receive coaching services. I understand that the Christian Mindset Makeover™ is a 9-week course based on neurologic and scriptural truth and intended to teach specific mindset tools to identify, address and work through negative thinking patterns such as perfectionism, overthinking, worry, shame and being enough. I understand that I will receive 12 weeks access to the live support portion of the course which includes access to twice-a-month Zoom calls, private Facebook group and email support from Alicia for help with brain priming.  I understand that my participation in these services is entirely optional and must be used within the 12-week period immediately following my enrollment in the course. I understand that should I desire additional live support in this manner than I can purchase additional live support (known as the "3 month-add-on) at a later time.

I understand that as a course purchaser I will have forever access to the teaching materials inside the The Christian Mindset Makeover™, including all pre-recorded video teaching and homework content as found inside the portal.  This means that I can complete these materials at my own pace and on my own time. 

I understand that each individual will have a different experience in the Christian Mindset Makeover based on their unique mindset patterns and background, level of participation and decision to apply the truths presented. I understand that although the Christian Mindset Makeover™ experience will provide  quality, biblically-and-scientifically-based mindset training (and 12 weeks of live support), I am ultimately responsible for my own transformation in my ability to manage my thoughts and create new perspectives.

I understand that any information I provide about myself to the course guide (Alicia Michelle) through the Facebook Group , email or through other correspondence such as Zoom meetings  will be kept strictly confidential unless the coach states otherwise, in writing, except as required by law.

I understand that the information in the Christian Mindset Makeover™ is presented from a biblical perspective; that the information will be taught by a Christian coach; and that Bible verses and scriptural principles will be used in harmony with neurological truth to convey mindset principles.

I agree to hold any and all information that may be revealed by other participants within the Christian Mindset Makeover™ private Facebook Group or through other Christian Mindset Makeover™ correspondence such as Zoom meetings as strictly confidential and private. I agree to respect the confidentiality of the group and to not disclose the names, locations or any other information about the other group participants that may be revealed during any group interactions.

I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my well-being during the Christian Mindset Makeover™ experience, including all my choices and decisions both inside and outside of any sessions, groups or exercises. If at any time during the time using the Christian Mindset Makeover™ materials I find myself under the care of a medical doctor, therapist, counselor, holistic practitioner for any health or medical condition, I agree to faithfully follow the recommended medical treatments, medicines, and best practices of these medical professionals for this/these medical condition(s). In addition, I promise that if I am currently in therapy or otherwise under the care of a mental health professional, that I have consulted with this person regarding the advisability of working through the mindset materials in this program and that this person is aware of my decision to proceed with the Christian Mindset Makeover™.

I understand that should the tools used in the Christian Mindset Makeover™ reveal deeper psychological wounds to be addressed then I will seek appropriate help from the appropriate trained medical professional (counselor, therapist or psychiatrist, for example) and that this program’s intention is not to provide this type of one-on-one healing. I will not hold Alicia Michelle or Vibrant Christian Living liable in any way for the ramifications of any information, thought processes, memories or traumas revealed through this mindset training, and that to the best of my knowledge I am entering this program as a healthy, emotionally stable individual.

I understand that the type of lasting mindset change I’m looking for may not be fully reached during the limited time of this program and that this program’s goal is to present the tools necessary for change but that lasting change requires ongoing progress and work in these areas. I understand that I am being given the tools to overcome negative thought patterns but that thought management is an ongoing process that I am responsible for. I understand that managing negative thoughts, working through emotions, and creating new brain patterns is not always a linear process and that these are process unique to each individual.

I understand that I have forever access to teaching materials in this course (all pre-recorded video and homework). I understand that I have 12 weeks access to the live portion of this course (Zoom calls, email support from Alicia and access to private Facebook group) and that I am responsible for watching any Zoom calls, asking any questions and participating the group during that time. I understand that I can purchase additional live support at a later time should I find it helpful. 

As a participant in the Christian Mindset Makeover™ course I agree that I am automatically bound to the above statements and agree to abide by them. I understand that if I have any questions about this information I can send my questions to