To Everything A Season: When Saying No is Saying Yes to Your Family |homeschool mom | time management | life balance |

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  1. Beth, I’ll be praying for you, that is a tough decision. Maybe it would help if you ask yourself if staying in your position is leaving your family short-handed? Sometimes I have caught myself doing this. Keep me posted on what you decide to do.

  2. I am currently struggling with this, but from the other side of making the wrong decision. I accepted a position that pays well, but causes pain on many levels, and because a friend assisted in getting this position, I’m struggling with ending it.

    I have my husband’s blessing on leaving the position, which does make it easier, but it is still difficult because I will be leaving them short-handed.

  3. This is fantastic! I definitely struggle with saying no to things or opportunities. I’m not sure why because I usually find that I end up feeling horrible about not having the time I want with my kiddos because of too many obligations. This is such a great reminder – Thank you!

  4. I think it’s important Misty for women to know they are not alone. Others have traveled down this road and experienced God’s peace and blessing as a result.

    Thank you for sharing and pinning. 🙂

  5. Hi Sheryl, the verse I reference here is Proverbs 31:16. While the focus of this verse is about a women who considers a field, if she should purchase it, and the fruit of her work, it has always been a great example for me. You see, every decision we make must be thought through as it will have an impact on our family. When we take the time to seek the counsel of others, pray and not be governed by fear amazing freedom takes
    hold of us. We do not need to fear saying no to things that take us away from what matters most.

  6. Oh, what a great post! I’ve been there. I was offered a once longed after teaching job, 2 months after we made the decision to homeschool. Walking away was hard, but worth it, and now I am SO glad I didn’t jump. Even though everyone else thought I was nuts 🙂 Pinning and sharing 🙂

  7. What an honor, and what a difficult decision that must have been. Good for you in choosing to say no. It is one of the hardest words to master.

    Can you give the scripture reference for the wise woman that you mentioned at the end? I think I may need to type it up and put it on my refrigerator.

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