Break Free from Perfectionism, People-Pleasing, Performance + More:
Using Brain Science + Biblical Truth!
  • The false mindset that has millions of Christian women enslaved in self-sabotage   
  • 3 common pitfalls that keep you imprisoned in fear + living "less than" 
  • 3 essential truths about the brain to break free from unwanted behaviors today
What clients say about Alicia:


Alicia has taught me so many practical ways to overcome negative emotions and reinforce biblical truth in my mind. She understands the struggle... and her council is based in scripture and scientific research.

- Kate R.


Before working with Alicia I'd describe my mind as 'taxed' and now I'd describe it as full of thoughts that are positive and empowering. Her materials have made a massive difference in my life!

- Tanya Y.


All of her resources were so powerful! They really helped me relate to God’s truth much more personally + internalize the message that He's in control.

–Stacy R.


I can't even share with you the difference it has made to work with Alicia! A huge weight has finally lifted from my shoulders--one that's been there for 10-15 years! 

–Amy M.