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The Surprising Truth Behind Our Kids’ Discipline Issues

Dealing with discipline issues in your home?

Do you kids fuss and complain about doing chores?

Have your kids developed a sense of entitlement?

Last year at this time our family would have answered a big YES to these questions. 

The fact is that four grouchy kids (and two extremely frustrated parents) lived within our four walls.

And no matter what “consequences” we implemented to try to change the behavior, our kids continued to persist in their negative attitudes.

And then we finally figured out what was going on.

Tired of the arguing with your kids? Done with the fussing over chores? Do you feel like your kids have a sense of entitlement? That was us last year at this time. No matter what consequences we gave, nothing seemed to change. Until we finally realized what was going on…

What Wasn’t Working With Our Kids

After weeks of lackluster effort at chores (along with lots of whining), my husband and I felt we’d exhausted every effort to change our kids’ behavior, namely:

  • We’d taken away privileges;
  • We’d restricted or temporarily eliminated screen time;
  • We’d added in extra chores as punishment for not completing their regular tasks; and
  • We’d talked their ear off with the “freedoms” and “responsibilities” lecture (you know the one).

And yet, here we still were–chores not getting done, bad attitudes prevailing, and a feeling of exhaustion over our home.

Can you relate? Does this sound like a scene from your home too?

We realized that what we were doing wasn’t working (sometimes in parenting that’s a huge win in itself, right?) and we decided to make some dramatic changes.

Changes that we knew at first would probably cause even more drama.

But after much prayer and tears before God, these were changes we knew had to happen.

Here’s what we did (click “next” to read our story, and to find out how you can tackle this issue in your home too!)


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