VIDEO (Kala’s story): Finding Hope in God - Vibrant Christian Living

Spoiler alert: We talk about marriage separation, abuse and other difficult topics… and Kala shares how God’s expectant hope did a miracle in her (and her marriage).

We talked a lot about CHOICE:

First, how expectant hope is a moment by moment CHOICE to focus on God’s promises over our own feelings and circumstances; and 

Second, how being vulnerable before God (and CHOOSING to focus on regularly spending time with Him—receiving His wisdom, recognizing Him at work, and releasing our fears and worries) is key when walking thru hard times.

P.S. Need a way to stay motivated and dedicated to spending regular time with God so you can have this kind of expectant hope that carries us through difficult circumstances?

That’s the purpose behind the Connected Bible Community.

God’s bringing together a group of women who are saying, YES, I’m choosing to build my hope each day by:

  • receiving God’s truth through daily Bible study
  • recognizing Him at work in my life
  • releasing my fears and worries to Him

And we want you to join us!

The Connected Bible Community gives you a proven framework to connect with God daily and surrounds you with a community of other women who are also committed to daily time in the Word. 

If you’re ready to build expectant hope in your life, the Connected Bible Community is just what you need to make it happen!