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5 Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair


Emotional Affair Warning Sign #2: Unguarded Words

It’s so tempting to tell our husbands everything that we think about him, especially in the middle of an argument. We (wrongly) think this will help him and build our relationship.

I’m not advocating that we be dishonest or hide our emotions from our husband, but obviously there are tactful (and not so tactful) ways to express a point.

Satan tried to get us into bed with our partner before marriage; and Satan wants us out of bed after being married to our partner. If we aren’t alert to the enemy’s presence when we are arguing, lying and jabbing our husbands with disrespectful remarks, we are giving the enemy full reins to destroy our relationships. (John 10:10).

The good news? We can use our words to build our marriage–everyday!
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5 habits grow marriage


Remedy: Pray About What Emotions to Share and How to Share Them.

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RESOURCE: “His Needs, Her Needs” by Willard F. Jr. Harley

Marriage really is a cord of three strands (Ecc 4:12). Before I open my mouth to share with my husband about something that’s bothering me, I ask God, “Will it be helpful to our marriage if I tell him this? And if so, how can I best share this in a way that doesn’t cause division and strife between us?”

Then I wait for God to let me know how to handle this. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best to only share my emotions with God; while other times, the Lord has told me that it’s OK to express them to my husband too.

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I think EVERY wife feels this next lie (warning sign #3) from time to time.

Which is why we really need to talk about it! Check it out!



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