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5 Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair


Emotional Affair Warning Sign #5: Wondering About Your Ex

Do you find yourself searching Facebook for the name of an ex-boyfriend, coincidently after you and your spouse had a disagreement? This is a dangerous action that can easily lead to further intimacy and an emotional affair.

Why are you searching for this person on social media? Why are you messaging them (even though you justify in your head that it’s harmless)? This is only going to lead to further emotional distance between you and your spouse, and further emotional intimacy towards this other person if they reciprocate your response.

Remedy: Don’t Do It. Period.

I know it’s tempting and you “just want to know where they’re at.” However, many emotional affairs have sprung from this simple curiosity about a former boyfriend or lover.

If you are tempted to look up that guy, tell someone about it. Delete your ex-boyfriends from your friend lists.

And if you really don’t trust yourself, delete Facebook altogether (yes, you read that right) even if only for a time until you can get your heart right. Otherwise, the temptation may always be there to entice you.  (Matthew 5:30).


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PHEW! That was hard to read, right!?

NOW… let’s get some encouraging words (and more resources)!



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