ways to say I love you to kids | I love you because list for kids | teach kids about gods love | teach kids they are loved | teach kids love | teaching children about god | teaching kids about gods love

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  1. I love this idea, Alicia. Our kids are very different from each other and they need to be assured of my love for them. Thanks for linking up with Grace and Truth.

  2. After a sorta rough evening with the kids, reading this makes me feel like not such a nutty mom as I do, or have done, many of these on the list. It’s a good reminder that it’s often the little things that are most important. Visiting from Funtastic Friday.

  3. A wonderful list for every parent to be better parents through the point of view of children. Simple things can build better relationship as well. Thank you for sharing at Family Fun Friday.

  4. What a fabulous list. I have always enjoyed keeping a file of idea starters. We frequently need a little inspiration to break up the normal. Visiting you from Grace and Truth–yes I’m way behind. i’ll enjoy sharing your post.

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