Day 15 Video: "The Joy of God 'With Us'"

The Power of Little Miracles and Heartfelt Praise”

Today's Questions to Consider:

How would you define God in your life? Who is Jesus to you?  Is He just a part of an annual ritual on December 25? Or is He someone who plays a bigger role in your life? 

Christmas is an incredible opportunity to learn more about Immanuel, or “God with us”. This week, I pray you’d accept that invitation to discover more about this "God who came down"--Jesus, the little baby born in a manager who changed the world. 

 Is He just a part of an annual ritual on December 25?

maybe you were left asking “Does God always bring the fulfillment of His promises in our lifetimes?” The answer is no. We may not see his promises fulfilled while we are alive. 

Now, in the case of the Israelites (and in the case of some of the promises in our life) we may not see the fulfillment in our lifetime. I mean—there were centuries of Israelites who longed for Messiah but never saw him while they were alive on this earth. But just having the faith to believe that God will fulfill the promise is all He asks of us (Hebrews 11—known as the hall of faith—talks about that). Even if we don’t see the answer to it in this life, as followers of God we will be united in Him in the next life and have his full understanding.)

Identify the things you’re waiting for right now. 

What are your thoughts about them? How have you dealt with your time “in the waiting room”? Have you been frustrated? Angry? Exhausted? Bored? Filled with disbelief? Asking why over and over?