38 Wisdom Bible Verses for Children

Looking for a great wisdom Bible verse to teach your child? Teaching kids about wisdom is an important part of teaching kids about God.

Maybe you'd like a wisdom Bible verse to share for a child's graduation or other special event. Or perhaps you just want to hear what the Bible says about wisdom (in order to share about it with your children as part of their character training).

Whether you're explaining wisdom to a child (or you're looking for Bible verses about wisdom for yourself) you'll love this ultimate list of 28 wisdom Bible verses!

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#1 Way to Learn About Wisdom Bible Verses for Kids (and Adults too!)

The best way to learn any wisdom Bible verse is to study it in detail and apply it to one's life.

And that's exactly why teaching kids how to have a daily Bible study is an important part of teaching them how to have wisdom.

We must teach our children how to understand and apply God's wisdom to their lives, and then encourage them to study the Bible everyday so that God's wisdom becomes a natural part of their thinking.

38 Bible Verses About Wisdom

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Ready to see the Bible verses for wisdom?

A few housekeeping notes…

First, I've divided the verses into different aspects of wisdom so that you can talk to your kids about the different aspects of wisdom.

Second, I want to reiterate how important it is to not just read these wisdom Bible verses to your children. We must teach our kids how to make God's wisdom part of their thinking (this post has some good ideas on how to do that).


Here are 38 wisdom Bible verses to teach your kids.

Wisdom is Available to Everyone:

Wisdom Is Found By Those Who Seek It:

Wisdom Is Highly Valued by God:

Wisdom Is the Foundation for Spiritual Growth:

Wisdom is Found in God: 

Jesus Is Wisdom Personified:

God's Wisdom Is Supreme:

Wisdom will Protect and Guard:

Wisdom Is a Choice:

Wisdom Brings Joy:

Wisdom Is Evident Through Actions:

Wisdom Is Meant to Be Shared:

Aren't these Bible verses about wisdom so rich and full of power? They're amazing, right?

Which wisdom Bible verse is your favorite?

I love them all, but my favorite has to be Proverbs 24:3-4 which compares wisdom to the foundation of house.

What a beautiful visual! Wisdom is the foundational place from which all other spiritual growth springs. Yes! Just another reason why teaching wisdom to children should be a high priority in our Christian parenting.

Other Resources for Teaching Kids about God's Wisdom

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