You're Invited to Share on the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast!

Ever wanted to share your thoughts about what God has taught you about a particular life issue?

Got a great insight or story that you'd love to share with the world on a certain topic ?

Great! Then I'm so excited to give you the chance to potentially include YOUR VOICE on an upcoming Vibrant Christian Living Podcast episode.

Here's how it works…

Step 1: Answer the Shout Out for Input on a Particular Episode Topic

If you're here at this page you've already done this!

Step 2: Read Through and Agree to the Common-Sense Legal Terms Below about Voice Recording

Common-Sense Legalese About Voice Recording:

Please note that by submitting your voice via the Speak Pipe widget on the Vibrant Christian Living site you are giving consent to allow Alicia Michelle, Vibrant Christian Living and the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast Team to potentially use your voice recording as part of a future podcast episode. By recording your voice you agree that you're willing to allow this recording to be downloaded, edited and woven together as part of a collection of voices on this topic for a particular episode. You also understand and agree that Alicia Michelle and the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast Team reserve the right to make the final selection on which recordings are used as part of an upcoming episode based on their own discretion, and therefore, all submitted voice recordings may not be used. You also recognize that you may or may not be notified by the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast Team as to whether or not your voice recording is used in the episode, and that no compensation will be given in exchange for this opportunity to share your thoughts on the podcast episode.

Step 3: Click on “Start Recording” to Record Your Voice on This Page

I'll give you a brief demo below and walk you through step by step. Please state your name (and where you're from if you'd like) and share your thoughts on the topic (you've got 90 seconds).

Just make sure that you submit your recording on or before the specified date (Friday, January 18) so that we can consider your recording to be part of the podcast episode! (We will open up this opportunity to share your thoughts several times a year).

If this all sounds good… then let's get started! 🙂



In the past month, how have you seen God's fingerprints in your everyday life?

How has God “shown up” in your life lately?


(Please record your thoughts by 11:59 p.m. PST on Friday, January 18 to be considered for the episode!)

Easy, right? Your recording will sound something like the one I did here:

If you haven't already, hit “Start recording”, follow the prompts, and share your thoughts on this topic. I'm excited to hear from you!

Thanks again for being a part of the podcast. Be sure to subscribe and download our first episode on January 28!