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Listen to these testimonials of how this brain science tool is transforming the lives of Christian women!

I have found healing from trauma that has crippled and numbed me for years.

I am free.  Truly free.  Can't believe I'm writing that!!! 😀

Rebecca K - client

Before working with Alicia I'd describe my mind as 'taxed' and now I'd describe it as full of thoughts that are positive and empowering.

Her materials have made a massive difference in my life!

Tanya Y - client

I am so grateful for the changes I’m already seeing just a few days into using this tool! I am already reacting differently! I am less defensive and more calm. I also was able to handle two situations with very difficult children better. I can't thank Alicia enough!

Linda C. - client

Doing this mindset work together with Alicia has allowed God to bring so much freedom and hope into my life! Thank you!

Cindy L - client

Alicia has taught me so many practical ways to let go of "never enough" + reinforce biblical truth in my mind. 

She understands the struggle, explains the concepts in simple terms + her counsel is based in biblical truth + brain science.

Kate R. - Client


I love how in every mindset exercise and tool Alicia taught me has allowed me to ultimately draw closer to God and His love for me! That has released so much pressure I've put on myself. This change is priceless!

Carolin S.- client