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Life is too short to feel lonely, unloved + not good enough.

As a forgiven daughter of God: 

  • YOU DON'T... have to feel alone.
  • YOU DON'T... have to be held down by past mistakes.
  • And you should NEVER feel "less than" or unworthy.

Discover how to hear from God each day using our easy 3-step Bible study method know as the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™  Get a fresh new mindset and let His love radically re-shape your thoughts so you can live a confident, joy-filled life. 

Get started in the "I am Loved" 4-Week Bible Study Course now.

It's time to live confidently 
in your identity as God's beloved daughter.

Less Worry + Anxiety

When you can lean into God's love it's much easier to release stress and worry.

Better Relationships

You can love without conditions or expectations because your core need for acceptance is satisfied in God.

More Meaning + Purpose

Understanding God's love (in both your head and your heart) is the first step to discovering hope in every life season.


Thank you so much.  I can't even begin to tell you the weight being lifted off me as we work through this 'stuff' about God's love for me. I appreciate all the work you have put into this Bible study. I feel very blessed that God has lead me to find you."


"I am enjoying this study very much!  You are a great teacher.  😉 I wrote down the questions you had at the end of this week's teaching and I'm going to spend some time thinking about and answering those. Grateful for all the time and energy you pour into teaching women! —JILL S.

"The Bible Study course is going GREAT! I am starting Day 3, and love the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™. It is giving me new insights about the passages you are sharing. This study on LOVE is reminding me of God's boundless love and gift of grace each and every day. I feel less worried. Thank you!" —CAROL B.

Sister, I've been there... and I get it.

I've walked through hard times + wondered, "God, do you love me + are you still there?"

Listen, I understand what you're going through. 

As a trained Christian life coach + creator of the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™, I've counseled + encouraged thousands of women... and now I want to help you find freedom and hope in all circumstances.

Let's start with understanding--truly knowing in your head + your heart--that you are loved by God. It really does change everything!

Get started in the "I am Loved" Bible Study now and begin your journey toward finding hope, joy and a renewed confidence in who you are as God's precious child.


My faith is getting stronger! When anxious thoughts come to mind, I repeat what I've learned: 'God is love, His love is constant, His love is a filter, an extravagant giftand my fear disappears. Thank you, Alicia! Your teachings are a big help!



This Bible study has been a real blessing in that it helped me with something I have been dealing with for about 4 months. I realized in a new way that I don't need to be perfect in order for God to love me. 


Take the first step to a happier you.

Let's discover a less stressful, more confident you--a woman who lives a joyful life of meaning and purpose founded on her confident hope in Christ's love. 

Join me in the "I am Loved" 4-Week Bible Study Course. I can't wait to hear how God will transform your life after going through this study!