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Connect with God. Connect with Yourself. Become Your Best You.




Life is too short to feel lonely, unloved + not good enough.

As a forgiven daughter of God: 

  • YOU DON'T... have to feel alone.
  • YOU DON'T... have to be held down by past mistakes.
  • And you should NEVER feel "less than" or unworthy.

Discover how to hear from God each day using our easy 3-step Bible study method.  Get a fresh new mindset and let His love radically re-shape your thoughts so you can live a confident, joy-filled life. 

Join us for the Connected Bible Community today.

It's time to live confidently 
in your identity as God's beloved daughter.

Less Worry + Anxiety

When you can lean into God's love it's much easier to release stress and worry.

Better Relationships

Love without conditions or expectations because your core need for acceptance is satisfied in God.

More Meaning + Purpose

Knowing who you are in Christ is the first step to discovering hope in every life season.


Before coaching, I'd lost touch with who I was and the direction of my life, and of God’s best for me. Alicia spoke so many truths over my life that helped me to get re-directed and back on track where I need to be.


Sister, I've been there... and I get it.

I've walked through hard times + wondered, "God, do you love me + are you still there?"

I've known the paralyzing self-doubt of negative thoughts + told myself, "Why try? I'll just fail anyway."

I've given my all as a wife, mom + daughter of God + thought, "Is it enough? Am I enough?" 

Listen, I understand what you're going through. 

As a trained Christian life coach + creator of the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™, I've counseled + encouraged thousands of women... and now I want to help you. 

How to Get Started

Apply for coaching.

Share a little about your situation so we can better understand where you are + how we may be able to work together.

Choose the coaching program for you.

If coaching is a good fit, we'll help you determine which coaching program is the best fit for your situation.

Live confidently in God's promises.

Experience lasting transformation as you cultivate joy, peace + freedom through your renewed relationship with Christ.


Without a doubt getting stuck in my own head is my biggest obstacle. After working with Alicia now I have so many more tools in my toolbox to help me change my thought patterns + find more calm. It’s been a really beautiful transformation that's only taken a few months to happen.



Alicia shared some great techniques that really helped me to align my thoughts with God’s, allowing me to trust Him more. Also, I found the accountability of group coaching to be very beneficial for me + loved getting to know the other women!


Take the first step to a happier you.

Let's discover a less stressful, more confident you--a woman who lives a joyful life of meaning and purpose founded on her confident hope in Christ's love. 

Join us for the Connected Bible Community. I can't wait to learn more about you and watch your transformation begin!