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Are you walking through a difficult season and really need to know that God is with you and that He loves you?
Rediscover the life-changing gift of God’s love 
with the “I Am Loved” Bible Study Course.
  • Have you heard “God loves you”… but have a hard time believing it in your heart?
  • Are you discouraged… and need to know that God is still with you?
  • Do you need… a fresh perspective on a difficult circumstance?
If so, then the “I Am Loved” Bible Study Course was made for you!
Transform your mind + renew your spirit as you apply the power of God’s love to your life.
This amazing 4-week Bible study uses the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ (a simple 3-step method to grow closer to God in 10 minutes a day) so you can:
Experience confident joy as God’s love renews your mind
Find peace as God’s love helps you release worry and fear
Rediscover hope as God’s love offers a new perspective on life’s trials
How Is This Bible Study Different from Others on God's Love?

Each day’s Bible study shows you how to apply God’s love to your life in a way that is not only thought-provoking but that encourages you to take action.

We get to the nitty-gritty about why it can be difficult to feel God’s love in your heart with questions like:

  • “How have you learned what love is and how to receive love?”
  • “How can understanding God’s love for you give you a new filter for looking at your circumstances?”

You'll also learn the difference between God’s love and the world’s love (and how it’s so easy for us to get that confused in our thoughts).

You'll walk away with a tangible list of ways that God’s love can change your life, right now!



I'm loving this study! I just rededicated my life to the Lord this past weekend and this study is perfect! I've never followed a structure to learn or understand the Bible so your method is very easy and really makes me think. I can't say enough that your 5RS Bible Study™ Method is perfect for beginners like me. It's showing me how to truly understand and apply what I'm reading instead of just reading verses.

Brandi L.

"I am enjoying this study very much!  You are a great teacher.  😉 I wrote down the questions you had at the end of this week's teaching and I'm going to spend some time thinking about and answering those. Grateful for all the time and energy you pour into teaching women! —JILL S.

"The Bible Study course is going GREAT! I am starting Day 3, and love the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™. It is giving me new insights about the passages you are sharing. This study on LOVE is reminding me of God's boundless love and gift of grace each and every day. I feel less worried. Thank you!" —CAROL B.

What You'll Get In the 4-Week Love Bible Study:
40-page “I Am Loved” digital Bible study magazine, including:
  • 4 weeks of daily Bible study (Spiritual Growth Rhythm Worksheets)
  • 4 devotionals, one for each week
  • 4 Weekly Check In sheets for weekly takeaways + progress
  • “Going Deeper” page with coaching questions for even more insight
  • Pages for notes and additional thoughts
  • “For Further Study” page with 24 additional Bible verses
  • “I Am Loved” Adult Coloring Page
4 Bible Teaching Videos (one for each week)
(3) Curated lists of podcast episodes on how to study the Bible, growing closer to God + understanding God’s love
BONUS: 8 x 10 “I Am Loved” Full Color Printable

"I am really enjoying this study. I struggle with understanding Gods love for me so I struggle with loving others and experiencing all God has for me. I'm learning that the more I understand God's love for me, His love will run deep throughout my whole being and then no matter what I do in God's eyes I will be successful. Thanks for this awesome study. Be blessed!!! ❤❤❤ “ —CHRISTINA D.

Meet Your Bible Teacher Alicia Michelle

Hey there! I’m Alicia, and as a Bible teacher + certified life coach, I'm passionate about equipping women with the practical tools + heartfelt encouragement needed to grow closer to God. 

I've been married to my best friend for almost 20 years, and we live in Southern California with our 4 kiddos (ages 17 to 8). My happy place? Cuddled up with a good book, a cup of strong tea (Chocolate Peppermint, please!) in the middle of my garden with my two faithful labs at my feet. 

I’ve helped thousands find new joy + freedom in their relationship with God using my Spiritual Growth Rhythm,™ a simple way to apply biblical truth + connect with God in 10 minutes a day... and I want to teach you this powerful Bible study method in the "I Am Loved" Bible Study.

Friend, I believe that growing deeper in God's love is the key to unlocking the greatest gifts of the Christian life! Join me in this study and let's discover how God's love will radically change your life!

Frequently Asked Questions About the "I Am Loved" Bible Study

What is the “I Am Loved” Bible Study?

"I Am Loved" is a 4-week, online Bible study that uses the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ Worksheets to connect with God everyday, along with specific coaching questions and Bible teaching designed to apply what you learn. 

Along with a 40-page full color digital Bible study magazine, the "I Am Loved" Bible Study Course includes four (4) Bible teaching videos (one for each week), along with curated lists of podcast episodes to listen to and even a bonus 8 x 10 color wall art printable.

Is this a live study?

Nope. You go through the content on your own, at your own pace.

I’m super busy…what if I fall behind in my study?

This is a self-paced study, so there’s no way to “fall behind.” We do recommend that you complete 1 worksheet a day (you can carve out 10 minutes, right?) to finish the study in 4 weeks. But if it takes you longer than that, no worries. 

FYI--we also have resources in the portal to help you overcome spiritual growth obstacles to help you make your time with God a do-able, refreshing rhythm in your life. 

Because, of course, regular spiritual growth is the ultimate goal!

What if I’m a guy? Can I purchase this study?

YES! Unlike other offerings (such as the Connected Bible Community and coaching services), the “I Am Loved” Bible Study Course is available to both men and women.

Is there a group included with this study? 

No, this is an independent study meant for you to complete on your own. But Alicia will be prompting you with questions as you go through the study and she'd love to hear your insights via email.  

How long do I have access to the materials?

How does forever sound? 🙂


I’m not great with tech. How complicated is it to download the materials + watch the video teaching?

Super simple (promise). The digital Bible Study magazine (where you’ll find your Bible study material), the video teaching and any other resources are in one place with one login (and you will create it at signup). 

What is the daily Bible study like? What if I get stuck?

We use the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ in our daily Bible study: Receive God’s wisdom, Recognize God at work and Release daily worries and struggles.

But if for any reason you get stuck, there are several tutorial videos and examples of how to do the daily Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ worksheets, plus other helpful information. And of course, you can email Alicia anytime and she's happy to help.

Do you offer a refund if I don't like it? 

Since this is a digital product and you are given immediate access to all course materials, we do not offer a refund. 

If you would like to try the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ before you purchase the "I Am Loved" Bible Study Course, we encourage you to try this free 3-day Bible study here.

Imagine how knowing God's love will refresh your spirit + give you new peace and joy
Here's what other women share: 

My faith is getting stronger! When anxious thoughts come to mind, I repeat what I've learned: 'God is love, His love is constant, His love is a filter, an extravagant gift

and my fear disappears. 

Thank you, Alicia!

Your teachings are a big help!

–Yanet L. 

I can't believe how timely this content is. When I sat down and read this week's introduction [on how God’s love is a filter for all that we go through], I was immediately calmed down and felt peace. It was so right on... placed in our hands directly by God, through Alicia. Thank you for that!

–Jennifer M.

Thank you so much.  I can't even begin to tell you the weight being lifted off me as we work through this 'stuff' about God's love for me. I appreciate all the work you have put into this Bible study. I feel very blessed that God has lead me to find you.

–Kelly P.

"The Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ is simple + yet a very personal + deeply effective way to connect with God. I love it! Very well done!" —ROSIE G.

"I am able to connect with God easier and I find myself meditating more on a verse. I love how I'm beginning to feel God's presence during these times." —CAROL B.

Don’t let another day go by without experiencing the peace, confidence + joy that comes from knowing (in your head and your heart!) that you are loved by God!
Join us now for this life-changing Bible study on God's love!