Other People You’ll Meet


There are some key people who shape, mold and define my life. I’d like to introduce you to my family.

In order to maintain privacy, I’ve created nicknames for each that define their character.

The Innovator: This is our creative and super-sweet 11-year-old. When he is not searching in the backyard for hummingbirds, lizards or creepy-crawlies, he can be found holed-up in his room constructing his next big idea out of LEGOs or cardboard boxes. The boy is also fascinated by any sort of electronic gadget. Future engineer in the works here.

Renaissance Man: Our nine-year-old is a paradox: He enjoys creating in the kitchen with his mama, has quite a flair for painting and drawing and has a sensitive, tender spirit. At the same time, however, he is super athletic and always ready to play knights, soldiers, superheros–basically anything where he gets to carry a weapon. He is also the resident “rule-keeper” in our home. Future fireman or policeman?

Princessa: As our only girl, our bubbly six-year-old is bursting with pink and purple femininity, yet she’s quite able to hold her own with her brothers. She’s a born mother, and thoroughly enjoys playing with her baby brother. She is also a natural performer and can often be found composing songs or dancing around the house. However, she’s not a primadonna. Instead, she’s quite humble and very loving and giving. Not sure what God has in store for this precious little one, except that she will get wherever she goes with passion (and a great pair of shoes).

Mr. Charming: Our littlest one. Such a sweetheart. With his gorgeous bright-blue eyes and engaging smirk, this two-year-old charms the socks off everyone he meets. He’s got the same pensive, quiet spirit as his daddy, which makes me love him even more. But he’s also his own self, and has proven that by cutting teeth, crawling, walking and talking in his own time (much later than our other kids). He is adored and treasured by all of us. And with his super long, dark lashes, we’re going to have to beat the girls off this one.

The Papa: My best friend and love of thirteen years. He is the steady spirit in my life, always testifying to God’s faithfulness and love for me. He’s also “the man” around here–able to fix everything and anything that breaks, especially those pesky electronic gadgets. I could not imagine my life without this man and am beyond grateful to share everyday with him.

The Mama: And me? Well, I’m a thirty-something, magazine-editor-turned-stay-at-home-mom who now spends her days homeschooling and exploring life with her kids. Creativity is my manna, along with silence (go figure, with four kids in the house). I can often be found reading, crafting, cooking or staring at the wall dreaming of my next home decor project.