Fabulously Fun Science Curriculum Ideas

Homeschool science is one of those subjects where at-home learning really comes in handy!

Kids love it (it's pretty hard to do science without some sort of huge, messy, potentially explosive activity from time to time)! And the possibilities for fun science projects and science experiments are endless!

Here are our family's favorite fun ways to teach homeschool science, including fun science curriculum, great science books and other cool science resources (some of them even include cool ways to teach math and science together)!

Here are fun homeschool science curriculum and resources. Are your favorites featured? Don't miss all the great ideas!

Fun Science Curriculum

Apologia--WEBApologia Science

by Apologia

We are huge fans of this curriculum! We have completed several of their “Exploring Creation” topics (Astronomy, Botany, Zoology, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry and Physics) and have been really happy with each one.

I love that the information, first and foremost, points kids back to God and references biblical stories and scripture. Apologia is also written from a creationist standpoint.Their materials are packed with quality information, and the Notebooking Journals for each topic really give kids a wonderful way to demonstrate their knowledge.

We have only used their Elementary-aged resources, but they are also well-loved for their middle school and high school science resources as well. Highly recommend!

Fun Homeschool Science Unit Studies

Unit studies are an easy, natural way to do science!

Since topics are a la carte, you can pick the specific subjects that your kids are interested in. And since many of them are short in nature, you can switch it up to coincide with field trips or changes in season.

Here are two great resources for gathering unit studies.

CUrr-Click--WEBCurr Click Notebooking-Pages--WEBNotebooking Pages


Fun Science Videos and Interactive Science Resources

Magic-School-Bus--WEBMagic School Bus books and DVDs kids-answers--WEBKids' Answers (Answers in Genesis)
You Tube Channel: Jonathan Bird’s Blue World (good information, but not Christian and occasionally mentions evolution) You Tube Channel: Smarter Every Day (my kids love this!)
Junior-Explorers--WEBJunior Explorers Tinker-Crate--WEBTinker Crate by Kiwi Crate
Brain-Pop--WEBBrain Pop (awesome resource, but not Christian and occasionally mentions evolution) discovery-ed--WEBDiscovery Education (good information, but not Christian and occasionally mentions evolution)

Books About Creation Science

It-COuldn't-Just-Happen--WEBIt Couldn't Just Happen Not-Enough-Faith-to-Be-Atheist--WEBI Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist
Priviledged-Planet--WEBThe Privileged Planet (book and DVD) Incredible-creatures--WEBCreatures that Defy Evolution DVDs
God-of-Wonders--WEBGod of Wonders DVD Jonathan-park--WEBJonathan Park Audio Drama Series

Other Kids Science Books

janice-van-cleaves--WEBJanice VanCleave's 201 Awesome, Magical, Bizarre, & Incredible Experiments Big-Book-of-How--WEBTIME for Kids Big Book of How
eyewitness-science--WEBScience books by Eyewitness Books (Various)  ency-of-science--WEB“First Encyclopedia of” Series
1001-inventions--WEB1001 Inventions that Changed the World DK-human-body--WEBDK's First Human Body Encyclopedia (and others by DK)

Kids Science Experiments and Science Kits

Live-Butterfly-Garden--WEBInsect Lore Live Butterfly Garden LEGO--WEBLEGO Educational Resource (kits that teach about engineering, physics, electronics)
Grow-a-Frog--WEBGrow-A-Frog-Kit elec-snap-circ--WEBSnap Circuits
Dangerou-Book-Chem--WEBDangerous Books for Boys: Chemistry Science Kit dangerous-boys-elec--WEBDangerous Book for Boys: Electronics Kit


Science Pinterest Boards

Kids Learning Activities & Kids STEM Activities

Homeschool Science and Nature

And don't forget your greatest resource of all when teaching science… outside!

It's experiential, it's interactive… and it's completely free!

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Here are 31 fresh and fun homeschool science curriculum and resources. Are your favorites featured? Don't miss all the great ideas in this series on our favorite homeschool resources. Vibrant Homeschooling