Busy Mom Tips: 9 Ways to Be More Engaged With Your Kids

As a busy mom, I feel immense pressure to “love my children” by ensuring that their lives are full of carefully planned activities and studies.

While I believe this is an important part of being a parent, it’s not the most important aspect in raising a child.

My kids feel the most loved when we are simply together.

We are busy moms! There's always SO MUCH going on. And yet, the best way we can show our kids love is not necessarily to "do more" for them, but to spend more time with them. But how can this happen when we're always being pulled a million directions? Great parenting resources here for developing deep relationships with kids--even in the midst of a busy life.

They want to race cars with me in our long entryway.

They want to make a special treat together in the kitchen.

They want to do things like paint nails and read books and color together.

Things that sometimes we practical-minded parents feel that we don’t really have time for.

Things that, honestly, we may find unimportant or even dull.

But these are the critical moments that can make or break our relationships with our kids.

That’s because when our child asks if we will play cards or build Legos with him, he is really asking, “Am I important enough to you that you will spend time with me?”

They are asking for reassurance that we love them, and comfort in knowing that they are special and wanted.

It’s not a question really of the cards or the Legos. It is a core question of his soul. 

And yet, our children's requests for interaction often come when we're smack dab in the middle of something else important: Getting the housework done; making dinner; feeding the baby, or when we truly need to rest and rejuvenate.

So how can we handle this? As a busy mom, how can we find a way to navigate the need to get things done and yet still help our kids feel valued and important?

That's what I'm talking about in this article over at YourModernFamily.com.

Click here to see the 9 ways to be more engaged with your kids.

I pray it encourages and inspires you too!

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