Day 3 Video Teaching

Hello again, and welcome to Day 3 of our study together!

Today’s verse is a wonderful expression of how God views us as His masterpiece. We’ll talk more about what it means to be a masterpiece-in-progress, and how that relates to the overall testimony God is creating in your life. Good stuff!

NOTE: Tomorrow I’ll be sending you a BONUS video where we’ll recap the now whats we learned from our study, and I’ll share some ideas on how to keep your spiritual growth momentum going! Be sure to look for the email with that link!

Here’s your action plan for today:

STEP 1: Complete Day 3 Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ worksheet.

P.S. Miss the Day 1 resources or need a refresher on how to complete the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ Worksheets or the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method? Click here.

STEP 2: Watch the Day 3 video teaching. 

Once you’ve complete today’s worksheet, watch the rest of the video above to learn more and gain additional insights into the verse.


Think about the times in your life when God has been shaping you into His masterpiece. How have these experiences become a testimony that He's used to encourage you and others?