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All Natural DIY Cell Phone Screen Cleaner (3 Ingredients!)

YUCK. That’s the only way to describe the screens on our electronic devices!

With millions of germs hiding on the surface, our beloved touch screen devices are a literal germ haven!

Especially when our kiddos get a hold of them.

Now I love my kiddos, but let’s just say that even this “wash-your-hands”-preaching mama doesn’t always know where her kiddos hands have been.

And it shows in their dirty cell phones, music players and tablets. And, for that matter, on mine when their fingers get all over them. 

And, yes, we moms add to the cell phone screen gunk too with our makeup-wearing cheeks and texting fingers as we’re cooking dinner!

No matter what, it’s safe to assume that our electronic devices regularly need a good cleaning, right?! More than just a simple wipe on the front of a t-shirt.

Oh friends, have I got a great solution for you!

It's CRAZY how many germs live on our cell phones, tables and other electronic devices! Here's an amazingly easy-to-make DIY cell phone screen cleaner that removes oily smudges, crusty parts and (best of all) ALL THOSE GERMS! All natural cleaner recipe with only three ingredients! You'll want to make a bottle for everyone in your home!

We need a electronic screen cleaner that:

  • powerfully kills germs without damaging the screen’s finish
  • removes oily smudges (and those unmentionable crusty parts)
  • is portable and available in a moment’s notice
  • is inexpensive and easy to put together
  • natural and made with everyday ingredients
  • is easy (and safe) for kids to use

Honestly, I was surprised at how few electronic screen cleaner options are available.

I found a few on Amazon, but I wasn’t sure of the ingredients, and phew—they cost around $9 for a pack of 12 disposable electronic wipes, or $18 a bottle for a spray/cloth combo! Yikes!

That's when I did a little online research and came up with my own all-natural DIY screen cleaner.

  • It’s cheap (costs pennies to make!)
  • It’s portable (you can carry it in your purse!)
  • It uses only three easy-to-find ingredients 
  • It’s safe for screens
  • And… it works!!

Want the recipe? Of course you do!

In fact, you’ll want to make bottles of it for your kids! You’ll be passing it around at street corners! You’ll be giving it as Christmas gifts! (Ok, maybe not as Christmas gifts or the street corner thing… but I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty stinking awesome!)

First, I want to share 6 important safety tips for cleaning your electronic screens. 

Because face it—you don’t want to damage your $700 iPhone because you cleaned it wrong, do you?!

I was most surprised by tip number 3… (click next!)


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