Day 2 Video Teaching

Hello again, and welcome to Day 2 of our study together!

I’m praying that yesterday’s study encouraged you and that you were able to get a small glimpse of God’s immense love for you!

Today we’re talking about Psalm 18:16: one of my favorite poetic expressions of how God reached down from heaven and rescued us. It’s a good one!

Here’s your action plan for today:

STEP 1: Complete Day 2 Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ worksheet.

P.S. Miss the Day 1 resources or need a refresher on how to complete the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ Worksheets or the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method? Click here.

STEP 2: Watch the Day 2 video teaching. 

Once you’ve complete today’s worksheet, watch the rest of the video above to learn more and gain additional insights into the verse.


Ask yourself this question: How has God shown His presence in your life and rescued you? How might He want you to use that story to encourage others + tell them about His power?