0: Welcome to the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast with Alicia Michelle

Want to overcome those big obstacles in your life and to discover your true potential and purpose?

Ready to live the life you were made to live—the vibrant life found in a thriving relationship with God? Then this podcast was designed for you!

I’m Alicia Michelle, Christian life coach, author and owner of Vibrant Christian Living. VCL is an online community for women who are seeking to live victorious, centered, purposeful lives as followers of Christ.

You'll Learn:

  • why we’ve started a podcast,
  • practical information about the podcast such as the frequency and length of each episode
  • more about the heart behind this amazing community of women from all over the world

And, if we haven’t met before, you’ll get to know me a bit and get to know a little about my family.

Whether you’ve been a follower of Christ for many years or you don’t consider yourself “religious” (don’t worry—I don’t consider myself that either!) but you’re looking for “more” out of your life… you are welcome here.

I’m so excited to explore these topics together and to be that voice of friendship and encouragement in your ear!

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