235: Join me! Group Coaching: Let’s Go Onward + Upward in Your Godly Calling in 2024

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Ready to learn how to become your best you in the upcoming year? Throughout the past few episodes, we have talked about the importance of goal planning to step into the big plans God has for us. If you have thought to yourself  “This sounds great, but how can I start moving towards those plans?”, this episode is for you!

Today I’m sharing why I created the “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching program, how to move past goal setting obstacles, and why being in a community of supportive women can help give you the encouragement you need to step into your purpose. If you are interested in making your God-given goals, dreams, and callings part of your new year resolutions, I invite you to join us in this intimate group of women seeking God’s best in this next season!


Ready to learn how to become your best you in the upcoming year? Throughout the past few episodes, we have talked about the importance of goal planning to step into the big plans God has for us. Today I am sharing why I created the “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching, ways to move past goal setting obstacles, and how to make your God-given calling part of your new year resolutions.


  • [00:38] Step Into God’s Plan For Your Life with the “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching Experience 
  • [08:34] Let’s Help You Move Through The Obstacles That Keep You From Your Goal
  • [12:26] Your Calling Is Important and God Wants You to Take the Next Steps Toward It
  • [14:09]  Imagine How Amazing It Would Be to Live an Intentional and Focused Life for God in 2024!
  • [16:35] 4 Ways to Know if You’re a Great Fit For The “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching Program


[00:38] Step Into God’s Plan For Your Life in The “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching Experience 

If you are looking to grow, change, and become all that God has called you to be, the 12-week “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching experience is for you! Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about the aspect of dreaming beyond what is today, setting boundaries, getting past difficult seasons of life, and understanding what God has planned for us. This is so important because if we do not do anything to address what is coming in the new year, it is going to be exactly the same as it is right now. 

The “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching container was put together to help you move forward. This is for a small group of women who are interested in saying “I love Christ and I want to live for everything He has for me in this season. I want to forget what is behind and progress forward into what is ahead. And I want to walk into this new season that God has shown me with bravery and faith.” This is the perfect place for this support!

This program was created for the woman who wants to start or maintain a new habit or hobby, the woman who wants to create intentional changes in her lifestyle and needs to set up boundaries or self-care, or the woman who is going through a big transition and needs help in navigating her new life. If you do not know where to start and need support in creating change to fulfill these goals, this is where this program will help. None of us are designed to do these things by ourselves!

This program starts on January 22 and it is a unique combination of one-on-one coaching and a live format with other women. We will have teachings around topics that relate to the obstacles we face, along with Bible study and exercises to work through. So often the things that keep us from accomplishing our goals can be helped by programs like this. We will see that we are not the only ones struggling with these obstacles and we can hear from God together. 

My job as a coach is to help you see the obstacles that are getting in your way and to help you stay focused on what you value. It is not my job to tell you what to do but instead to help you discover the steps to move towards your goal by asking the right questions. As a certified Christian coach, I am trained to help you set goals and intentions that are within God’s grace-based framework. It is not about working harder and willpower your way through.

We will be talking about how to work through fear, including how to establish safety with God in order to trust Him. Many of us have grown up going to church and hearing that God loves us but there may have been something that has broken your trust in the Lord. 90% of the women I work with have had faith with the Lord but there has been something that has happened to cause disappointment or a break in fellowship. This program can help you rebuild trust in Him as your faith grows by working with Him toward a goal. 

The “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching is by application only and there will be a limited number of women accepted because I want to be able to fully invest my time within this group. If you are interested, I encourage you to go here to see if you are a great fit and then apply!

[08:34] Let’s Help You Move Through The Obstacles That Keep You From Your Goal

I created this program around goal setting and moving toward the next level of faith for three reasons. The first reason is that I see a lot of smart and capable women who have been given great talents and want to do something more with their lives, standing at the edge of the pool and paralyzed by the thought of jumping in. They see the cool water below them and they see how it could be refreshing but they also have all of these fears and obstacles around it. They are not happy at the edge of this pool, they are getting hot and overwhelmed so they turn to distraction. If you fall into the pattern of just adding more things into your life so you do not leap, I get it. This is what the world encourages and I know that it is tempting. The world encourages us to let life pass us by and if anything is painful, to just step away from it and distract ourselves.

It is easy to fall into this pattern and forget that God has given us a calling. God has given you a very specific purpose and He wants to help you move forward in love and grace. He loves you right now as you are and does not want you to change but He also loves you enough to help you move toward a bigger version of yourself. I am called here to help women get over the things that are keeping them stuck on the side of the pool and help give them faith to jump into all that God has planned for them.

[12:26] Your Calling Is Important and God Wants You to Take the Next Steps Toward It

Secondly, God has called us to do important work in this world. There are all different callings and none of us have the same one, but we all have the same Father who is knitting all of that together for the glorious picture. It is so important for us to be on board with Him and not to push things aside and say that we will do them “someday”. 

We are not the only ones who are going to be impacted when we trust God and step out in a new way. There are people on the other side who will be impacted by what we choose to do with our calling. Your calling is unique to you and it has eternal impact. I want to help women step into this calling by working through and identifying their fears around it. There are ways to approach fear from a different perspective and move through it with love, not criticism. We cannot ask the Holy Spirit for guidance to step into what He has for us next when we do not know what it is and cannot see how to get there.

[14:09] Imagine How Amazing It Would Be to Live an Intentional and Focused Life for God in 2024!

The last reason why I created this program is because time is short. We are in a culture that encourages us to be distracted from our mission and we have to stand up against that by living an intentional and focused life. This often takes us leaning on support from someone who is committed to us outside of our typical circle and who can see us through the eyes of Christ with love. Someone who can help us move forward without baggage. This is why I created this very sacred special container with other women who can help each other be intentional with our time. We need community to help us move forward. 

I spent the last few months talking about stepping into our dreams and establishing boundaries so we can show up as best we can because I want you to identify what God could be calling you to do this next year. This calling is bigger than a new year resolution of losing a few pounds. This is a great goal but we also need to focus on our calling and that is what this group coaching container allows you to do. 

Reflection questions to help you find more clarity:

-What does God have planned for me in this next season? 

-What do I need to let go of and step into? 

-How does that relate to the dreams that He has put in my heart?

-Are there boundaries I need to set to continue to persevere through the calling He has for me?

[16:35] 4 Ways to Know if You’re a Great Fit For “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching

After all of this, you may be wondering, “How do I know if I am a good fit for this group coaching program?” So I wanted to outline four ways to know if this program is right for you.

First, if you are tired of being stuck in the same ruts, running into the same issues, and want more out of life next year, this program is for you. I am not saying that everything is going to be magically fixed because there are a lot of things outside of our control, but we can adjust how we show up for them and how we prepare ourselves to embrace what is ahead. We have a lot more control than we think! 

Another way to know if you are a good fit is that you have some idea of what you want but you do not know how to get through the obstacles. You need accountability, encouragement, and someone to help you with a step-by-step plan. This is exactly what we are going to be doing. I want to help you make your dreams and goals manageable and help you achieve them based on grace and love.

If you do not want to feel alone in achieving your dreams, this program is for you. We recently had an “ask me anything” call in the Christian Mindset Makeover and someone shared that they were struggling with the concept of loneliness. This was very vulnerable and I was thankful that she felt safe to share that with us. I asked the group to raise their hands if they had ever felt like they were not understood by someone or if they had ever felt that people were not there for them, and every single hand went up. 

My point is that loneliness is at epidemic proportions in our culture. The Surgeon General came out with a report that states loneliness is a health crisis. Even though we are more connected than we have ever been, we are still the most lonely. Now more than ever, we need places where we can be vulnerable and come before God and others to have their support in walking through what we are going through. So much of our days are running from place to place without slowing down and making eye contact with one another. The kind of community I am creating is one where you will feel seen, know you are not alone in what you are walking through, and one where you will feel supported to move forward. 

Lastly, if you feel like there are different mindset things that you need to work through to step into what God is calling you to do, then you are a great fit. Whether you are working through big changes, small changes, or specific dreams, fear is always huge. Working through it in a loving context is what we will be talking about in this program. 

I am trusting the Lord and asking Him to please bring the women who are meant to be part of this program. Some have already applied and I am excited to see some of the ladies who could potentially be a part of this. 

If the “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching program sounds interesting to you, I would invite you to check it out to get more information. And if you find that it is calling to you, I encourage you to apply soon as we are quickly filling up! All you have to do is fill out a quick Google form and then I will be in contact with you to schedule a 15-20 minute call to see if it would be a great fit for you and to answer and questions you may have. I look forward to chatting with you and I am grateful that I get to be a part of this work because I know God is going to do something big in every one of your lives!



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“Onward + Upward” Group Coaching:

A brand new year is upon us and I am wondering, are you ready to make a change?

Maybe there is a dream or desire in your heart for things to be different. Or maybe there is a new hobby, habit, or goal that you are trying to pursue but you need concrete steps and loving support to work through the fear and overwhelm.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to apply for the “Onward + Upward” Group Coaching experience that starts January 22nd. 

Imagine having 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching support and a community of caring women going through the same experience to help you meet your goals.

Throughout this program, I will support you in confidently creating a step-by-step action plan as you work through obstacles and grow spiritually.

I can't wait to help you release fear and build confidence to boldly follow God’s plan for your life!