239: Stuck in An “Expired” Season? Seeking God for Perspective on What’s Next with Shayna Rattler

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Are you in a transition season and find it difficult to let go? On today’s episode of the podcast, Alicia sits down with author and speaker Shayna Rattler to discuss what an “expired” season is, why it is so difficult to let go of, and why making space and hearing God through a “stillness fast” will help you figure out what’s next for you. Alicia and Shayna also get into why clarity is not as important as we make it out to be and how we often have to take the first step with fear. 

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Do you feel a transition season upon you and are finding it difficult to let go and move towards God’s direction for your life? Join Alicia and Shayna Rattler to discuss what an “expired” season is, why it is so difficult to let go of, and why making space and hearing God will help you figure out what’s next for you as you approach a new life season. And if you want support in goal setting for this upcoming year, make sure to apply for The “Onward and Upward” Group Coaching Program!


  • [02:30] What Is An “Expired” Season?
  • [04:26] Signs That You Are In An Expired Season 
  • [07:38] A Practical Example of an Expired Season From Shayna’s Life 
  • [11:33] Why Is It So Hard To Let Go of an Expired Season?
  • [12:46] The Words “Purpose, Destiny, Assignment, and Calling” Are Not Synonyms
  • [18:35] How to Figure Out “What’s Next” After An Expired Season – Stillness Fast
  • [21:46] We Do Not Need Clarity, We Just Need to Take The First Step
  • [24:38] If We Do Not Take Action Toward God’s Plan For Us, He Will Give The Assignment to Someone Else
  • [26:29] Taking the First Step Out of An Expired Season – Move With Fear
  • [30:56] Alicia’s Takeaways and Reflections


[02:30] Signs That You Are In An Expired Season 

Shayna shares that there are clear indicators of expired seasons. Some of these include:

-If you find yourself constantly complaining

-If that thing that you were very passionate about is now feeling like a chore

-If you feel as if you are at a crossroads and are not sure whether you should continue down the same path or go down a new one

-If you feel as if there is something more 

All of those things can be an indicator that it is an expired season. She goes on to tell us that we need to be able to discern when it is time to take a step back, pause, and regroup and when it is time to move on. Alicia also reminds us that sometimes God wants us to persevere through things because it is meant to stretch us to grow into this same goal. That is why it is important to be still long enough to ask God this question. 

Many times when we feel these nudges, it feels like an attack of the enemy. Shayna’s spiritual father told her “You have to know the difference between when you are under attack and when you are under alert.” When we are faced with challenges, we often think that it is because we are under attack. This may be true, but sometimes we are under an alert that our season has expired. And again, the only way to know the difference is to get quiet long enough for the Lord to show you because they are closely related.

[07:38] A Practical Example of an Expired Season From Shayna’s Life 

Back in 2018, Shayna had a “God Shift” moment. She was at church and her pastor said “The Lord is telling me that it is time for you to write your next book.” She went home and started to get many indications that it was time. Then she had a conversation with her business coach and they also said that it would make sense for her to write her next book around this topic. Shayna then spent 32,000 on all of the marketing for the book, only for the Lord to say “I want you to help me build a kingdom” a few weeks later. She had her 15-minute fit and then agreed to do what the Lord asked her.

He was asking for her to let go of an expired season. If she did not do this, then she would not be impacting the Kingdom like she is today. Although people were blessed by her work before and she was making a lot of money doing it, things were drying up. If you are stubborn, the Lord knows that it is going to be difficult for you to let go of an expired season. So He will allow everything in your world to dry up. The Lord was so committed to what it was that He had for this next season of Shayna’s life, that He was willing to shake her up to get her attention and force her to walk away from what He no longer desired for her.

[11:33] Why Is It So Hard To Let Go of an Expired Season?

The hardest thing to let go of is what we had in mind. If you spent a lot of time or money to get there, it is going to be even more difficult to let go of that season. We want to stay in what is familiar, comfortable, and where we feel as if we have control. But God cannot bless you with what He wants if you do not let go of an expired season.

[12:46] The Words “Purpose, Destiny, Assignment, and Calling” Are Not Synonyms

The four words that Shayna sees people using as synonyms are “Purpose, Destiny, Assignment, and Calling”. These words are actually completely different. Your assignment is who you are called to help, this often changes with the seasons. Your calling is how you help people: an author, a coach, a preacher, etc. Your purpose is why you are here and the impact you are supposed to have. And your destiny is where your purpose takes you. 

Since so many of us confuse our purpose with our assignment, it becomes more difficult to let go of an expired season. We do not recognize that our purpose has not changed, but the season that this purpose is assigned to is what has expired. When we can recognize the difference between purpose and assignment, we will be more likely to let go of an expired season. Because the last thing we want to do is let go of our purpose. 

Shayna shares that her purpose has never changed throughout everything that she has done. Her assignment has changed but it has always been related to her purpose. If you feel as if your assignment is not related to your purpose, you are probably in the wrong assignment. This distinction helps you let go of expired seasons and also helps you recognize whether or not opportunities that come to you in the future are aligned or not.

[18:35] How to Figure Out “What’s Next” After An Expired Season – Stillness Fast

To figure what what is next after an expired season, Shayna first says to sit and be honest with yourself and any inkling you may have. If there is something that has been nudging at you that you may or may not have wanted to do, that is probably your next season.

If you do not have an inkling and have no idea, then you need to go on a “stillness fast”. Three days is ideal, but if not, you can work with the time that you do have. During a stillness fast, there is no television, no social media, no music, and very minimal conversation. When we have all of this noise around us, we cannot hear what the Lord is saying to us. You need to get still enough that you have an inkling of what He is calling you to do.

Shayna shares that you will not be 100% sure. This is what usually keeps people stuck because we make an idol out of confirmation and clarity. There is no story in the Bible where someone of any significance had clarity. If you know 1% and it is aligned with the Word of God, then move your feet. God will course-correct you as you start taking steps. Even if the first step is laced with uncertainty, take it and see how He responds.

[21:46] We Do Not Need Clarity, We Just Need to Take The First Step

Many of us do not take a step if we cannot see into the distance and then we wonder why we do not have what it is that we have been praying for. Alicia shares that we often paralyze ourselves by needing to know the full plan. Once we take the step, God will keep us safe and correct us. God is committed to the results in your life, but He is not so committed that He will keep telling you the same thing over and over again. 

Shayna lovingly reminds us that there is enough that you can do based on what He has already said to you. You cannot sit and wait for what He is going to say next, because you have not taken the first step so He is not going to give you another. We need to take that step and see how He responds then notice how things come together. In a month, you will have so much more data than you would have if you did not take that first step. 

Even our prayers can be a procrastination. If we have been praying for something and then an opportunity presents itself, then we have to think of that as the answer to the prayer instead of praying on it again. She is not saying that we need to jump at every opportunity without doing our due diligence, but sometimes the Lord is saying “What else do I have to send you?” when we keep passing things up.

[24:38] If We Do Not Take Action Toward God’s Plan For Us, He Will Give The Assignment to Someone Else

Shayna shares that God is committed enough to your life that He will do anything to get you to move but He is not going to wait forever. If there is a purpose that He has for the Earth, He is going to make sure it gets done. So if you refuse to move your feet, He will give that purpose to someone else. She reminds us that the “how” is none of our business, we just need to say “yes” and move toward what He is calling us to do and He will show up for us along the way.

[26:29] Taking the First Step Out of An Expired Season – Move With Fear

If you are wondering how you can take the first step out of an expired season, Shayna says that you need to try it afraid. There is a reason why they say fear is an acronym for “false evidence appearing real” because when we do something we are afraid of, most of what we are worried about does not happen. So if you are committed to giving God your yes, she challenges you to do it afraid. Even just taking the first step will allow you to see that it was not so scary. You will end up gaining more confidence and courage when you realize nothing bad happened. 

For example: when someone gets a cast off, they are afraid to walk on it for the first time because they have not stood on that leg in so long. They are terrified to take the first step but once they do, they have the confidence to take another and they get better at it. And before they know it, they are not even thinking about it anymore. Find someone who will hold you accountable and do it afraid!

[30:56] Alicia’s Takeaways and Reflections

The most important takeaway from this conversation is that we need to keep listening all of the time. There is so much distraction in everyday life and we need to be intentional about taking time in our day to listen to the Lord. We need to find focus so we can hear Him better and take those moments of stillness because that time can be transformational. This is something that I may pick up over the next few months as a regular ritual to hear from the Lord. I encourage you to join me, even if you just take an hour on a Sunday to sit by yourself without your phone or anyone around to dedicate your time to listening to Him. We want to be on a mission, so how can we expect to stay on this mission if we cannot hear from our commanding officer? 

I also encourage you to take a step and not be afraid, just listen to what He has to say. As long as it does not contradict the Word of God, begin to explore it and see what doors He opens/closes. We need to be open to going on an adventure with God. There is an incredible book called Wild Goose Chase by Mark Patterson and the concept of the wild goose chase originated by Celtic Christians where they believed it to be a crazy ride of listening to God and allowing Him to take us on adventures we would never expect. Find time for stillness and let God speak to you in this next season. If this sounds like something you would desire support in, I invite you to apply to the “Onward and Upward” Group Coaching program!



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