10 Must-Have Natural Remedies for Kids: Treat Colds, Owies & More

It's become a nightly ritual at our house: Teeth are brushed, pajamas are put on… and the aches and pains come out.

“Mom, can you put something on my neck? It's tight.”

“Mom, my ankle is really hurting again. Can you help?”

“Mom, my tummy is sore…”

“Hey Mom, I have this bug bite that's really itching me…”

True story. Every. Single. Night.

You're probably laughing right now because you can relate, right? Your kids are suddenly attacked by these strange body ailments every night too?

These situations can drive us moms crazy because, first, it's NOT the right time of day to introduce a new crisis for mommy to solve (I don't know about you, but my goose is usually pretty cooked by the kids' 8:30 bedtime).

Second, often we aren't even sure what weapons to pull out of our “mommy arsenal” to help! Many over-the-counter drugs feel like overkill for these issues, akin to putting a full-body bandage on a tiny scratch.

Plus, if you're like our family, you'd rather use a natural remedy that supports a child's system instead of one that may simply mask pain or introduce unnecessary chemicals to a child's system.

These are a few of the many, many reasons why essential oils have become our family's first line of defense when these everyday childhood ailments strike–whether at bedtime or the middle of the day.

Essential oils are a natural way to help with these everyday childhood issues, and let me tell you, they work (my kids wouldn't ask for them night after night if they didn't).

Essential oils are our family's first line of defense when colds, owies, tummy aches or other everyday childhood ailments strike. Great post about which oils work best for which issue and best practices for using essential oils with kids!

Since the birth of our first child nearly fourteen years ago, essential oils have played a regular part in:

  • helping our kids heal from cuts and scrapes
  • soothing upset tummies and other intestinal issues
  • opening nasal and bronchial passages for kids with a chest coughs
  • calming overstimulated bodies so they can sleep
  • reducing itching caused by bug bites
  • relaxing sore muscles

…and the list goes on!

Here's the good news: You don't need to be a professionally trained naturopath to use essential oils with kids. You just need a few simple guidelines and recommendations to use natural remedies with kids.

Let's chat about some simple, practical tips for how to use essential oils with your kids (plus a list of which oils/blends are helpful for which ailments).

NOTE: Rocky Mountain Oils is our family's preferred essential oil company because:

  • you can purchase the oil directly (no need to join a MLM or find a “consultant”)
  • free shipping every day in the US (no matter the quantity purchased)
  • easy, no-hassle return policy (simply return an oil if it doesn't work for you)
  • the oils are reasonably priced
  • the oils are of the highest quality (read more about their quality standards here)
  • the essential oil blends are some of the best smelling and most effective I've found
  • I've personally met many of their staff and found them to be highly knowledgeable and incredibly helpful

How to Use Essential Oils to Help Your Kids Everyday

There are three ways that essential oils can be applied: Directly to the skin (topical); via a diffuser (aromatic);  or ingested (oral). In this post, we're going to talk about topical and aromatic use.


When massaged into the skin, essential oils are easily absorbed by the pores and then pass into the  bloodstream. Essential oils are extremely potent, so it's important to use proper dilution rates.

P.S. Rocky Mountain Oils makes this super simple with their RMO Kids Line Oils that come pre-blended in fractionated coconut oil to the proper dilution ratios. You don't have to think about which oils to blend together and how much carrier oil to use! Genius!


Each synergy comes in an easy-to-use rollerball. Just roll a few swipes on your child and go! This is a lifesaver during those “Mom, my ankle aches” conversations at bedtime when you need a simple and effective solution!


I usually treat my kids topically because it's fast and easy. It's also the most effective method when there is one specific area that you're trying to treat (a scratch or a sore tummy, for example).

Apply the essential oil directly to the place of pain (stomach for indigestion, sides of neck and forehead for a headache, etc). If using the oils for more general ailments (such as help with sleeplessness or poor attitudes), one of the best places to apply oils is the bottom of the feet because the pores of the skin are large here and there are many nerve endings.

Rocky Mountain Oils offers 10 different essential oil blends perfectly formulated for kids. These blends help with the top daily ailments our kids face (and I love the names!).

Essential oils are our family's first line of defense when colds, owies, tummy aches or other everyday childhood ailments strike. Great post about which oils work best for which issue and best practices for using essential oils with kids!

Counting Sheep: This one is out every single night in my house. With lavender, sandalwood and a few other lovely smelling essential oils, this blend encourages kids to relax and calm down. We've found that it's not only great for bedtime (my four-year-old asks for it as part of his routine) but it's also good if the kids are being wild and crazy during the day.

Ouchie: Here's another oil that gets constant use in our home (go figure with four active kids!). Simple roll this over a scrape, bump or bruise to bring comfort (and, in our experience, faster wound healing).

Tummy Time: When an upset tummy strikes in our house, this is what I reach for. A few swipes of this on the stomach or intestinal area bring quick relief.

If your kids deal with these on a nearly daily basis (like mine do) you've got to check out these awesome Kids Line Oils from RMO! Learn more here

Breathe: When one of my kiddos is dealing with a cold, we've found this to be a great natural remedy. It can be applied to the back, the chest or the feet.

Immunity: Who wants to deal with colds and the flu? Yuck. We pull out Immunity (and begin using these other protocols for boosting the immune system during a cold when we've been exposed to sickness). We've found a few swipes several times a day to be a great immune support.

Bug Away: Tired of bug bites on your kids (especially in the summer)? Swipe this essential oil blend to the places where the bugs like to bite (ankles, back of the neck, etc).

Skin Balance: This synergy helps calm a child's rough or irritated skin. This is one we haven't personally tried yet in our family, but since it contains powerful healing essential oils like Frankincense, Helichrysum and Lavender, I'm confident that it would be a healthy support for the skin.

Looking for natural ways to help kids through these everyday issues? These high-quality blends from RMO really are super (and easy-to-use!). Check out the whole line hereRMO-Kids-Line-with-mom-and-child

Muscle Soothe: My kids are always dealing with growing pains in their ankles and legs. My son grew nearly 6 inches last year alone (no joke!) so his muscles were often sore, but not sore enough to warrant a powerful over-the-counter pain reliever. We've found that Muscle Soothe is a simple way to bring fast relief to kids' bodies that are growing or sore from lots of outdoor fun.

Clear Head: Do your kids get headaches? Mine do from time to time too. Apply Clear Head to the neck or temples for a gentle way to bring comfort and calm when a little one suffers from a headache (and have them drink a big glass of water–that almost always helps too!).

Concentrate: Sometimes kids need help to “quiet their mind” and pay attention, especially while doing schoolwork (it's not just my energetic kiddos, right?). This blend of Frankincense, Lavender, Vetiver and Cedarwood help kids settle down and get the job done.

Which of these blends would your kids benefit the most from?



Aromatherapy is another awesome way to use essential oils to help kids with everyday ailments! Simply add a few drops of an essential oil to a diffuser (here are some great ones) with water and let the scent permeate the room (and passively enter the child's system).


While essential oils can be used aromatically in a myriad of ways, we find that aromatic use is best when someone is dealing with a cold/cough, indigestion issues or if we want to set a general atmosphere in the home (for example, an atmosphere of concentration, or one of calm/sleepiness).

Here are the oils or oil blends we use to treat each of these issues aromatically. 

(NOTE: We don't use all of these at the same time but would use each one based on the situation. I've linked to each oil or oil blend so that you can make a wise choice about which would be best to use).

Cold or Cough: Breathe EaseDeep BreatheEucalyptusPeppermintImmune StrengthMyrtlePineTea Tree.

Car Sickness/Indigestion: Tummy RubGingerPeppermintLemon

Sleeplessness: LavenderDreamtimeCalmingPeace and QuietTranquility

Concentration: Attention AssistEnergizePeppermintLemon

Poor Attitudes: BalanceLoveCitrus PassionFeminine Aid

Do you have other questions about how to use essential oils with kids? The Rocky Mountain Oils blog has some great resources here.

However, especially if you're just getting started in essential oils, I'd highly recommend checking out the RMO Kids Oils line. It's really a great way to easily use essential oils to help your kids through these common childhood issues!

Other Ways to Use Essential Oils in Your Family:

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Essential oils are our family's first line of defense when colds, owies, tummy aches or other everyday childhood ailments strike. Great post about which oils work best for which issue and best practices for using essential oils with kids!

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