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Confused and asking yourself, "Aaahhhh! What is God’s plan for me?!" Let’s talk about making wise decisions and finding purpose, joy and sanity through every situation, even hard times.

22: Mindset Matters: How to Change Your Perspective & Change Your Life
Here’s the truth: You have the power to be exactly who you want to be.    But here’s the challenge:[...]
21: How to Find Hope During Hard Times
What is the definition of hope, and how can we have hope during trials?   What does it mean to[...]
20: Mindset Matters: 6 Steps to Making Good Decisions with Confidence
Are you facing a decision and need direction (and have no idea what to do next)? Today’s episode will give[...]
17: Coaching Pt 5: “How Much Does Coaching Cost?”
Today we’re talking about the #1 question I’m asked about life coaching (yes, it’s the money question): How much does[...]

As a Christian life coach, I help women like you develop a roadmap for life balance so that they can discover purpose, meaning and God's best plan for their lives. 

Let’s work together to create your best you—right now!

16: Coaching Pt 4: Top 10 Questions About Life Coaching
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15: Coaching Pt 3: What Happens in a Life Coaching Session?
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14: Coaching Pt 2: 6 Signs You Need a Life Coach
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13: Coaching Pt 1: What Is Life Coaching?
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11: Mindset Matters: Feeling Stuck? How a Curiosity Mindset Can Set You Free
  Ep 70 Frustrated by your life circumstances, but you’re not sure how to fix them? Or maybe you know[...]
7: Mindset Matters: Managing Your Inner Critic (Practical Skills That Work)
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6: Live Your Best Life Now (Here's How)
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5: How to Find Hope Despite Chronic Illness
Are you in constant, chronic pain or deal with chronic illness? I want to show you how to find hope[...]
3: How to Grow Closer to God with 9 Spiritual Growth Secrets
What does it look like to grow closer to God, connect with God regularly and have a vibrant spiritual life?[...]
1: How to Live Like You're Loved by God
Have you ever asked yourself, “Does God REALLY love me?” Maybe you’ve heard the truth that God loves you, but do[...]