Want More Happy? 20 Bible Verses About Joy and Happiness

Bible verses about joy are a wonderful antidote to the fear, anxiety and worry that fills our world.

I’m so grateful for Bible verses about happiness because God uses them show me how to have a truly happy life through daily Bible time. Bible verses about happiness remind me that, yes, I can keep going, and that yes, I can even teach my kids to have joy at all times.

Life can be incredibly challenging, and it’s important that we know scriptures on joy (and happy Bible verses) to bring the hope we’re desperate for.

Which are some of the most encouraging Bible verses about joy and happiness? How can we really learn about joy in the Bible? Here are my favorite Bible verses about joy so that you can be discover true happiness (even on the toughest days).

I also want to give you a really easy way to study Bible verses on joy and happiness (the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study Resources) in less than 10 minutes a day.

Get a free 3-day sample of these simple-yet-powerful joy Bible study resources here–for free–so that you can have a happier life starting today!


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20 Amazing Bible Verses About Happiness & Joy

I am so grateful that God has left us with encouraging words–His words–about lasting joy in the Bible.

I cling to these scriptures on joy and happiness when I am need of soul replenishment! They remind me that my situation has less to do with what’s happening than with what He can do through it.

Joy Bible verses also remind me that it’s possible to have the joy of the Lord in all situations. When the hard times come, I can stay joyful if I stay close to God by pouring my heart to Him and filling my mind with his promises.

Here’s a quick reference list of favorite Bible verses about happiness:

  1. Psalm 1:1-3
  2. Psalm 16:11
  3. 1 Chronicles 16:27
  4. Psalm 19:8
  5. Psalm 119:1-3
  6. Psalm 119:91-93
  7. Proverbs 16:20
  8. Psalm 28:7
  9. Psalm 30:11
  10. Psalm 34:5
  11. Psalm 126:5
  12. Proverbs 8:32-35
  13. Psalm 4:7
  14. Romans 15:13
  15. James 1:2-4
  16. 2 Corinthians 4:7-10
  17. 2 Corinthians 6:10
  18. 2 Corinthians 8:1-3
  19. Colossians 1:9-12
  20. Hebrews 12:1-2

#1 Way to Study Joy Bible Verses

Maybe you’ve had this experience: You read an amazing Bible verse on joy, and then 15 minutes later you find yourself stressed out and frustrated again. Oh, I’ve so been there!

That’s why it’s so important to not just read Bible verses about joy and happiness but to study, understand and apply these joy Bible verses to everyday life.

If we want happy Bible verses to impact our heart (and change our thinking) then we must intentionally choose to apply these joy Bible truths to our lives–regularly.

Now that you know these awesome scriptures on joy and happiness, why not make them a part of your everyday thinking and discover how to apply these Bible verses about joy to your life?

Let me show you how.

Make Joy Bible Verses Part of Your Everyday Life

Here’s the simple, step-by-step way I recommend applying joy Bible verses to your life: The 5Rs Bible Study™ Method. 

The 5Rs Bible Study™ Method consists of 5 steps (Read, Rewrite, Restate, Relate, and Respond) and is designed so that anyone can apply God’s truth to their lives in under 10 minutes a day!

And if you want to discover more happiness and authentic joy in your life (as found in the Bible), the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study™ Journal and Guide are the perfect next step.

joy through trials | bible verse about joy | scripture about joy | bible joy | joy scriptures | verses about joy | bible verses on joy | verses on joyI’m so excited about this amazing joy Bible journal and guide!

These awesome Bible study resources (based on the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method) take you on a journey through 30 Bible verses about joy so that you can finally discover how to have the joyful life that God desires for you!

The Joy Full Bible Study Journal and Guide are:

  • Perfect for anyone experiencing life challenges and who need to trust God
  • Great for kids who need to understand God’s definition of happiness and joy
  • Good study for moms who need spiritual refreshment and a new outlook

And don’t forget: You can try a 3-day sample of the Joy Full 5Rs Journal and Guide–for free!

How Will the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study™ Resources Help Me Be Happier?

Want to know how the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study™ Journal and Guide work, and how they specifically lead you into a fuller understanding of godly joy (and to be changed by these happy Bible verses)?

Sure thing! Let’s talk about that.

Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study™ Journal

Each week, 5 Bible verses about joy are grouped together in the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study™ Journal around one of the following 6 topics:

  • Abiding joy and happiness are found in God Himself.
  • Eternal joy and happiness are part of God’s good plan.
  • Unshakeable joy is built on foundational trust in God’s love.
  • Lasting joy and happiness are found in obedience.
  • Joyful sacrifice transforms difficult circumstances into blessings.
  • Cultivate joy by confidently trusting in His promises.

On Day 1 to 5 each week, you’ll go through the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method on that day’s joy Bible verse.bible verses about happiness | happy bible verses | bible verses about joy | joy bible study | joy full 5rs bible study journal | 5rs bible study method

Day 6 consists of two additional “Rs”:

  • “Reflect” on all that you learned that week (perhaps writing down your greatest insights or favorite Bible verses); and
  • “Recognize” the ways you saw God working in your life this past week (big and little evidences of God’s presence).

Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study Guide

The Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study Journal is the foundation for growing more joyful each day based on these awesome joy Bible verses.

But if you’d like additional insight on the joy scriptures, or you’d like to study Bible verses about joy as a group, the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study™ Guide is a great fit!

This resource is an accompaniment to the main Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study™ Journal, offering in-depth questions, journaling prompts (plus even more Bible verses about happiness and joy!) so that you can welcome an even deeper understanding of everyday joy into your life.

Wonder what these joy Bible study resources look like (and if they will actually work for you)? Totally understand.

Give the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study™ Journal and Guide a test run with this free sample.

As you work through the Joy Full resources, you will be renewed and refreshed by God’s truths about joy each day.

By filling your mind with Bible verses about joy and happiness (and applying these truths to your life each day), little by little your spirit will become more joyful and happy.


Welcome More Joy & Happiness Into Your Life Today with These Joy Bible Verse Resources

There’s amazing power in these 20 Bible verses about happiness!

But if we want to experience lasting happiness and joy in all circumstances, we must choose to study and apply Bible verses about joy to our everyday life.

God wants to teach you (through a personal relationship with Him) how to access his amazing joy in all circumstances, and the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study Journal and Guide make it possible for anyone to do so, in only a few minutes a day!

Why not get started on a life of more joy and happiness?

Let the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study Journal and Guide help you unlock these biblical truths about joy and transform your life… starting today.

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And don’t forget to check out the Joy Full 5Rs Bible Study™ Journals and Guides!

Or better yet, get your free 3-day sample.



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