Plan to Be Flexible: For Additional Insight

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Welcome, Plan to Be Flexible readers!

This page contains a list of posts that give more information on the topics covered in each chapter of Plan to Be Flexible. Thank you for reading the book, and enjoy!

(If you don't already have your copy of Plan to Be Flexible and just happened upon this page, welcome to you as well! Click here to learn more about the book.)

Chapter 1:  The Finish Line As Daily Guide


Chapter 2: What's Working (and What's Not) (Part 1)


Chapter 3: What's Working (and What's Not) (Part 2)


Chapter 4: Determine This Year's Goals


Chapter 5: Create A Master School Year Calendar


Chapter 6: Build A Curriculum Core for Each Student


Chapter 7: A Living Curriculum for Real, Live Kids


Chapter 8: Rhythms, Not Schedules: The Critical Key to Success


Chapter 9: Mysteries (and Practicalities) of Rhythm-Based Homeschooling



Chapter 10: Consider Your Unique Learning Environment

Chapter 11: When Life Interrupts Your “Perfect” Rhythm


Chapter 12: Homeschooling with Joy and Freedom


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Happy homeschooling to you!