122: I Am an Addict with Amanda Anderson

What does it mean to be an addict or to be addicted to something?  As Christians we’re called to not let anything get in the way of our relationship with God, and we don’t have to be ashamed to say “I am an addict” because Jesus offers forgiveness, healing, a renewed thought life and a way out of addiction. 
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Do you find yourself falling into habits when you’re stressed as a way to escape life’s difficulties? Today in this powerful conversation on the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast with my guest Amanda Anderson we ask ourselves: “am I addicted to anything outside of God?” In other words, “Am I depending on anything outside of my relationship with Christ for worth, for handling difficulties, or for getting through the tough times?” 
There are many types of addiction, including alcohol addiction, drug addiction, pornography addiction, shopping addiction, gambling addiction, food addiction, exercise addiction, work addiction, and more. Our goal in today’s conversation is simply to ask: “Am I allowing anything to pull me away from God or to be a crutch for life’s challenges?”
As you can imagine, this episode on addiction has so many powerful insights on what it means to identify addiction and overcome addictive behaviors. 
Amanda shares her story of recognizing her own alcohol addiction and the thoughts she’s had to battle in order to publicly share about her addiction and to speak to others about Christ-centered ways to overcome addiction. We talk about:
—ways to recognize addiction in your life
—how to be honest with yourself about your motivations and coping mechanisms
—how addiction can be red flag for deeper mindset and heart healing 
—how being open about our addictions can help grow authentic friendships

Amanda is an author and speaker in Southern California and her ministry, Heart in Training, reaches women's ministries, conferences, mothers groups and Twelve Step Recovery ministries throughout the country. She’s the author of the book All My Friends Have Issues and the recovery-themed Bible series called “The Bridge” (now available on RightNow Media). Learn more about Amanda at heartintraining.com

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We talk about some very sensitive and potentially triggering topics in this episode on addiction, and I wanted to let you know about a Christian counseling resource if you need help determining if you have an additive behavior or if you need to process this further. 

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