232: Renew Your Mind: Establish Truth-Filled Boundaries to Stop Racing Thoughts + Make Better Decisions

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Are you tired of the overwhelm that comes with racing thoughts? If so, I get it! Luckily, there are mental boundaries that you can set in order to renew your mind and live life without all of the baggage that you have held onto. 

Join me today as I dive into why we need to get to the root of our racing thoughts, the importance of getting our thoughts out regularly, and how feeding our minds with the truth of the Bible can support us in making better decisions. I am here to support you on this journey and I want to invite you to join me in either the virtual Goal Setting Workshop or the Christian Mindset Makeover. 

If you want to truly embody the phrase: “new year new you” while partnering with God to make this your best year yet, listen to this episode and take action today!

Are you tired of the overwhelm that comes with racing thoughts? Luckily, there are mental boundaries that you can set in order to renew your mind and release the baggage that you have been carrying. If you want to embody the phrase: “new year new you” while making this your best year yet, I invite you to the virtual Goal Setting Workshop!


  • [02:05] The Importance of Looking At and Creating Boundaries Around Our Thoughts 
  • [04:15] We Have to Decide That What We Are Thinking About Matters
  • [07:37] Getting Our Thoughts Out Regularly – Using Morning Pages
  • [11:16] Feeding Our Minds With Truths of The Bible – Using a Bible Study
  • [12:57] Getting To The Root Cause of Why We Are Feeling a Certain Way
  • [14:27] Using The “Christian Mindset Makeover” to Help Us Rewire Our Thoughts
  • [17:41] How Our Lives Life Can Become Easier And Lighter by Using These Practices

[02:05] The Importance of Looking At and Creating Boundaries Around Our Thoughts 

Everything in our life stems from our thoughts. Our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions create our actions, our actions create our decisions, and then our decisions create our beliefs. When we want to make a change in our lives, we have to use a loving perspective to see what is going on with our thoughts.

By addressing our thoughts and then setting truth-filled boundaries, our racing minds and overwhelm could be more manageable. Setting boundaries can be a way to help move us in a different direction. Instead of just talking about this, we have to make a promise to ourselves to take action and invite more inner calm into our lives with these practices.

[04:15] We Have to Decide That What We Are Thinking About Matters

I want to lovingly remind you that without taking action on something, it is just a theory. We have to make a decision and a commitment to ourselves that what we think about matters. Making a decision that we do not want this inner crazy to rule our lives. No one else can decide this for us – not our friends, family, or even God. We can ask God for help to get relief but at some point, we have to take a step towards something different. We have to decide that this is important enough to change if we want to live a calmer life and this all starts with our thoughts. 

We also need to stop running from our thoughts. We need to stop distracting ourselves, staying busy, eating or drinking away our feelings, and instead acknowledge our thoughts. I know that it is sometimes terrifying to address our thoughts. We are often frustrated that they are still there but what if we had compassion for them instead? What if we saw them as check engine lights and became curious?

We need to be honest with ourselves if we are running from them. This is very common and you are not without hope if you are dealing with this. But to start moving towards a renewed mind, you have to start paying attention to what you are thinking about. In the moments where we are feeling super overwhelmed about something or we find ourselves spinning, stop and acknowledge it as it is happening.

[07:37] Getting Our Thoughts Out Regularly – Using Morning Pages

One of the boundaries that we can set for ourselves is to get our thoughts out. A great way to do this is to use morning pages (originally created by Julia Cameron). This is something that I practice with myself and share with many of my clients. You have a journal or some sort of loose paper and you spend time writing until you get to three pages. You do not have to write anything profound or solve any problems, you are just getting out what is in your head. 

I think one of the enemy's biggest traps is to keep us stuck in our heads. When we have not let go, processed, or released these thoughts, we stay stuck. Using morning pages allows us to stop and get it all out. This way our logical mind acknowledges that it exists and then begins to take action. There is also some brain science evidence that shows writing with pen or pencil versus typing, adds even more benefit. This is because your brain is recognizing the thoughts and the feelings as you are writing them out. 

Taking the step to get your thoughts out of your mind “cleans a messy room” so to speak. We often stuff a lot of things in our minds, are afraid to remove them, and then expect God to solve our problems. Yes, God can do anything but the first thing He often asks us to do is take action. And a great way to maintain our mind is to regularly let these thoughts out.

[11:16] Feeding Our Minds With Truths of The Bible – Using a Bible Study

Another boundary we can set is to feed our minds with truths of the Bible. If you want some guidance in this area, make sure to sign up for the “I Am Loved” Bible Study. I use a method where I show you how to take a Bible verse, break it down to apply it to your life, restate it, reflect on it further, have gratitude for that day, and then release things that you are working through.

I was speaking with a lady in a session and she shared that one of her goals for the year was to engage with the Word of God and let it soak into her heart to change her. This is the perspective that I encourage you to take with this. We are not just checking a box because it is our task for the day. We are engaging and letting the Word of God fill and change us.

[12:57] Getting To The Root Cause of Why We Are Feeling a Certain Way

Another great thing we can do in order to renew our minds with the power of who we are in Christ is to get to the root of what is going on. I was recently talking with a woman and she shared that she has been going to marriage counseling with her husband. She also shared that she is struggling with feeling like she is not good enough and does not have a voice.

As we were talking I said, “I am glad you are doing that and it is helpful for you both to work through these things but how are you going to deal with what's behind all of those feelings?” I reminded her that she can always find new ways to communicate and reconnect but if she doesn’t get to the root of what is going on, she is still going to have these feelings as a  soundtrack in her mind.

[14:27] Using The “Christian Mindset Makeover” to Help Us Rewire Our Thoughts

It is important to ask ourselves deeper questions and figure out why our thoughts are there. This may be difficult which is where something like The “Christian Mindset Makeover” is very helpful. This is a program where we spend nine weeks together asking ourselves questions such as:

-What thoughts are inside my head? 

-Why does it make sense that they are there? 

-How does that relate to how I interact with God? 

-What is it that needs to be released in my life? 

-What needs to be picked up? 

-What do I need to take responsibility for?

Then we do something called brain priming, where we put all of that together into a statement that acknowledges the pain in a way that does not reinforce it in the brain. Then we plug in the truth. We are using brain science and the Bible together to find healing. It is not just a “feel good” statement, it is a science-based rewiring that has been used with high-powered executives and high-function athletes. We are changing the neurological structure of the brain. 

If you want to get to the root of the things that are going on and rewire your mind, I highly encourage you to do so. Our society is filled with opportunities to just Band-Aid problems in our lives, but you are worthy of this investment. Your family needs you to invest in yourself and be able to show up the way you want to for your husband, children, family members, or whoever you are called to serve with love in this season. We all want to serve and love from a whole mental place. If we are not addressing and healing on deeper layers, it is hard to love. 

I am passionate about helping women because this is something that God had to take me through during a serious event in my life. I have now helped hundreds of women in this area helping them to find freedom, confidence, and peace. It is possible to deal with and work through our chaotic thoughts. And even if they come back up, they will not be as loud and we will know how to work through them.

[17:41] How Our Lives Life Can Become Easier And Lighter by Using These Practices

We have very little control over life but I want you to think about how your life could be easier and lighter if you change how you process the circumstances that are before you. Ask yourself these questions:

– What would your life look like in 6-12 months if you implemented these boundaries and practices? 

-What would your life look like if you did nothing?

I do not have a crystal ball to see if 2024 will be different but I do know that if we begin to proactively address how we process things, we are guaranteed to have a different perspective and to be able to better handle whatever is ahead for us. Make the commitment to listen to yourself and acknowledge your thoughts with compassion when they come up. God wants to partner with you to work through your thoughts in this era. He wants to help you find healing. Do not shut your thoughts down. 

Make this the year that you decide to set some specific boundaries, address what is going on inside, and move forward without baggage. Take the next step to understand what is going on and learn how to find healing. I encourage you to learn more about The “Christian Mindset Makeover” and you can do this by signing up for this free training. I am here to support you along this journey. There is an entire community of ladies who have gone through this program who want to share their stories and walk with you on this process of renewing and setting up those boundaries in your life to be able to process things differently!



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