If you've got loud kids (and all the noise is driving your crazy!) you need these 10 tips! Love these... especially #4!

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  1. Hi Sherah! Ooooh…. I LOVE this suggestion! Like a dampener. You’re not necessarily tuning it out, just turning it down. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post!loved all the suggestions here. I just have one suggestion to add for noise-harried moms like myself (I have four kids,8,3,2,and 1…lot’s of noise around here! 🙂 ) when it gets to just be too much, invest in a pair of headphones from a home improvement store. The kind made for dampening the noise of chainsaws. These are my go to relief and I can still hear for safety,..just takes the edge off. I even sleep with them on when my husband’s snoring gets too loud. They’re a $15 lifesaver for me!! 🙂

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