Mommy Anger: My Confession and Why You’re NOT Alone

I've heard this over and over from moms everywhere:  I never knew I had anger issues until I had children.

You understand, right? We're not abusive or violent. But darn it, kids can trigger anger in us like no one else.

I am NOT perfect, but WOW, I have been learning a lot about this lately and have really grown a lot in this area. Even my kids are noticing the difference (more on that in a minute)!

I know that it's hard to deal with mom anger, and friend, I WANT TO HELP YOU.

I want to share some anger strategies that work.


I want to offer loads of grace if mom anger is something you struggle with too.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Let's work through this together.

I've heard this over and over from moms everywhere: I never knew I had anger issues until I had children. You understand, right? We're not abusive or violent. But darn it, those kids can trigger anger in us like no one else.

We're going to talk about:

  • My story about how I became a less angry mom (yes, it's possible!)
  • Three powerful ways to control in-the-moment anger (who doesn't need that?!); and
  • The critical fact we must remember when dealing with mommy anger

Becoming a Less Angry Mom (It Is Possible)

I had an amazing mom moment this week. You know, those moments when you realize that finally some growth is happening?

Except this time I was the one who had grown.

Let me share a story.

Last Thursday, while our family was studying Bible verses on keeping peace and handling anger, my eleven-year-old suddenly started crying as he shared his Bible verse (Matthew 5:9).

I started crying too as he choked out these words:

“Mom, you are the one who keeps the peace around here when we're all angry at each other. I'm so grateful for you.”

He came over to where I was sitting and gave me a massive, tear-laden hug.

I was utterly blown away: First, at my son's beautiful expression of emotion; and second, as I realized this:

I'd (finally) made great progress toward being a less angry mom (something I never thought possible).


One Very Important Truth About Mommy Anger

If you want to really, really get on top of mommy anger, you must realize and accept this fact:

Dealing with anger is a growth process.

(I bolded that for BOTH of us because we CAN'T forget it!)

Being less angry is not a state we arrive at.

It's a new lifestyle we discover–full of new habits, and new thought processes that we slowly develop.


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