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5 Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair


Emotional Affair Warning Sign #4: Believing the Lie “I Deserve An Affair Because I Am Not Happy”

Oh yes, the “happiness” lie. The enemy uses this one all the time and in all kinds of situations, doesn’t he?

Remedy: Understand That An Affair Won’t Bring the Happiness You Seek.

I guarantee that having an affair will not bring you a more joy-filled abundance. Why? First of all, because God tells us to stay faithful to our spouse. We can trust Him here because He created us and he authored the concept of marriage to begin with (not to mention the stars, the plants and everything we see before us).

I know that temptation to feel loved and to believe that “I deserve to be happy because my husband isn’t providing my needs.” However, this is evidence of a deeper longing in your heart.

Do you struggle with feelings of insignificance?  Have you felt unloved since you were a little girl by your family?

I am not a counselor, but I challenge you to look deeper into your heart to unpack what is really warring at your soul and consider finding a professional Christian counselor that can help you identify the core issues of your heart.

What is it that you truly long for? I can guarantee you won’t satisfy this longing in another man, or another relationship.

Instead of looking for our husbands to “complete us,” we must change our thinking as wives.

God is the only one who can complete us. Yes, husbands can be a wonderful encouragement and emotional support, but don’t put your husband in the place where God was meant to reside in your heart.

By allowing God to fill the longings of your soul and by understanding your true identity in Christ, your heart will heal and you will discover true happiness. (Proverbs 20:5).

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