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The Ultimate List of the Best Homeschool Resources

Looking for the best homeschool resources? As a veteran homeschool mom, I’m asked all the time for my favorite home education resources or which are the top homeschool curriculums. I’ve gathered up all my top homeschooling resources and homeschooling posts into this one article so that you can have all the information in one spot–quickly […]

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7 Tips for Easy Homeschool Planning

It’s almost back to school time, and the new homeschool curriculum is piled high in your house. Except… wait. Now you have to determine how you’re going to teach all this in your homeschool! Homeschool lesson planning just became your number one priority.  No worries! I’m here to give you my tips on how to […]

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Free Math Worksheets & Cool Math Games for Kids

When our kids get stuck on a math problem, we moms need to find an easy and fun way to teach math–right now! That’s when cool math games for kids really come in handy. These awesome math games (many of them free math worksheets!) make everything from learning numbers to multiplication painless! (Well, it is […]

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Best Homeschool History Curriculum and Books

I have to admit–history is my favorite homeschool subject to teach!  Plus, I love that a homeschool history curriculum allows kids to also learn about writing, handwriting, geography, sociology, philosophy, art, literature, bible, character training, and even science and math. Truly, no other homeschool subject has such a wonderful cross-subject reach as history. Here’s a list of some of […]

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